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Koetsu USA Montegiro Legno Turntable

Koetsu USA Montegiro Legno Turntable

Koetsu USA Montegiro Legno Turntable


  • Product Name: Montegiro Legno Turntable
  • Manufacturer: Koetsu USA
  • MSRP: $13,240
  • First Impression: Mildly Interesting

Koetsu-coralstone-phono-cartridgeKoetsu USA displayed its stunning Montegiro Legno Turntable, which truly melded high end audio and sophisticated artistic design. The German-built Legno Turntable’s tonearm is available as an option. The tonearm is an integral 10.5-inch model specially modified for Montegiro. However, purchasers may select units from Da Vinci Audio Labs, SME Ltd. or Jelco. The tonearm comes equipped with a highly regarded cartridge from Koetsu, the well-known Japanese company whose phono cartridges are quite highly regarded by those who spend more on vinyl than their cars.

The Legno’s handsome bamboo-clad chassis is said to take advantage of bamboo’s stabilizing and resonance damping properties. The turntable mechanism rests on four adjustable high-grade steel feet decoupled by embedded O-rings made of a rubber composite. O-rings similarly decouple the extremely precise, specially treated synchronous motor, which is driven by a high-end outboard controller designed to meet the highest standards.

The Montegiro Legno Turntable is available now for a suggested price of $13,240. Final pricing varies, depending on each purchaser’s selection of a tonearm.

For more information please visit www.montegiro.de or www.koetsuusa.com.

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