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Yamaha RX-V2700 Build Quality


insideOne thing we have come to admire over the years is the good build quality of Yamaha receivers.  They typically give consumers a good meaty power supply and amplifier section which they seem to be improving on with each new generation of receivers.

The RX-V2700 is no exception to this rule as evident by the large E-Core transformer and large capacitor bank (71V 18,000uF x 2).  The heat sink is tapered to minimize resonance and also provide for optimal heat dissipation.

Editorial Note
In order to hit the rated 140wpc Yamaha is claiming, they would require a rail voltage of sqrt(2)*[(140*8)^1/2 ] = 47V + 5V(margin) = 52V.  As you can see their capacitor bank has plenty of overhead to meet this requirement.

This receiver means business and, despite the lack of THX rating, it’s pound for pound every bit of the RX-V2600 and perhaps a bit more (see tests reports).


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