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Yamaha RX-V2400 Features


THX on a Yamaha Receiver?
RX-V2400 FrontThat's right! The RX-V2400 is THX Select certified. Many of the newer Yamaha receivers forthcoming will be carrying the THX brand certification.

However, fear not, Yamaha still offers the option to defeat THX post processing in favor of its own infamous DSP processing modes.

Another first for Yamaha is adjustable bass management. Hurray at last!

The RX-V2400 is one feature packed receiver for its asking price. In fact, probably the most feature oriented receiver in its class currently offered.

RX-V2400 BackYamaha RX-V2400 Back Panel 

  • All speaker terminal posts sport binding posts except the "presence" channels. 
  • Two component video inputs and one output featuring video up conversion with OSD. 
  • Detachable power cord and two switched outlets. 
  • EXT 6CH Analog Inputs, Three digital coaxial and five toslink inputs and two toslink outputs ensure all formats are covered.

The Yamaha RX-V2400 comes with all the fixings that until a couple of years ago, weren't even commonplace on any flagship offerings let alone a sub $1000 receiver. Some of these benchmark features include:

  • 120 watts RMS to each of the seven channels.
  • Component Video Up Conversion with OSD.
  • Nine Adjustable bass management settings (40Hz to 200Hz, 10Hz step sizes from 80-120Hz).
  • Remote0.5dB channel trim adjustments.
  • Subwoofer group delay adjustments.
  • Independent channel trim settings for external inputs.
  • Auto set up and YPAO 10-band (7 user) parametric equalizer for all channels.

To the RX-V2400's testament, there are still dedicated, so called high end processors selling for more than three times its price that don't offer five out of six of the features listed in the above bullets.

Back by popular demand the classic keypad with LCD window indicator Yamaha Universal remote debuted in the day when RX-V1 held the Flagship title. I really liked this remote because of its ease of use and flexibility and was happy to see Yamaha integrate it with their premier sub $1000 receiver.


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