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Anthem MRX710, MRX510, MRX310 Gen2 AV Receivers Preview

Anthems MRX Generation 2 Receivers

Anthem's MRX Generation 2 Receivers


  • Product Name: MRX 310, MRX 510, MRX 710
  • Manufacturer: Anthem
  • Review Date: October 14, 2013 14:00
  • MSRP: $1,199 (MRX 310), $1599 (MRX 510), $1999 (MRX 710)
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!
  • Buy Now
Maximum Output (<0.1% THD): 3.5 Vrms, subwoofer channel 6.1Vrms
Frequency Response (2 Vrms output): 8 Hz to 28 kHz (+0, -0.25 dB)
Frequency Response, Analog-Direct mode (2 Vrms output) 8 Hz to 50 kHz (+0, -0.25 dB)
THD+N (2 Vrms output): <0.03%
S/N Ratio (2 Vrms output, IEC-A filter): 102dB
L-R channel separation (analog input, 1 kHz): 96dB
Maximum continuous output into 8 ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.1% THD:
MRX 710: 120 W (2 channels driven), 90 W (5 channels driven) 
MRX 510: 100 W (2 channels driven), 75 W (5 channels driven)
MRX 310: 80 W (2 channels driven), 60 W (5 channels driven)
Dimensions (all models)
Height: 6 1/2" including feet
Width: 17 1/4" 
Depth: 14 5/8"
MRX 710: 30.8 lbs
MRX 510: 30.2 lbs
MRX 310: 28.8 lbs

Executive Overview

Anthem announced a new generation of receivers at CEDIA in Denver and they look great.  The three new units are the MRX 310, the MRX 510, and the MRX 710.  The MRX 310 is a five channel receiver and the MRX 510 and MRX 710 will both drive up to seven channels. The latter two can optionally be configured to bi-amp the front left and right channels.  Choosing to biamp the mains means that you'll be left with a 5.1 setup with the MRX 510 and MRX 710 unless you use external amplification.

We got to hear the Soundscape soundbar as well as the MRX 710 AV receiver. There's even a DAC on Zone 2 on the new flagship MRX receiver.

The MRX 310 will deliver 80 WPC with 2 channels driven and 60wpc with all 5 channels driven.  The MRX 510 delivers 100 WPC into 2 and 75 WPC into five channels driven.  The flagship model MRX 710 delivers 120 WPC into 2 and 90 WPC into five channels driven.   We don't have specs for the built-in amp performance of the MRX 510 and MRX 710 with all seven channels driven.

Anthem MRX 710 Receiver Front

Anthem's new MRX 710 Seven-Channel Receiver

The MRX Gen2 receiver models feature both refinements and new features.  Perhaps most notable is a new version of ARC, Anthem's highly regarded room correction solution. Called ARC 1M, it brings the MRX-series performance closer to the level found in the flagship D2v and 50v pre-pros.  ARC 1M can now be connected via ethernet and not simply RS-232, which was the case in the previous models.  ARC 1M also features better signal processing and users can print both before and after room-measurement graphs.

Anthem MRX 710 Rear Panel

Anthem MRX 710 Rear Panel

Other enhancements to the Gen2 receivers include 7 rear HDMI inputs, dual HDMI outputs, 4K upscaling, HDMI Pass-Through, HDMI audio return channel, and faster HDMI switching.  An easily overlooked feature is the ability to send two-channel music to Zone 2 from not only the analog inputs but also from toslink optical and digital coaxial as well.  Normally, digital audio to secondary Zones isn't available from digital sources without copying the main zone audio to the secondary zone.

Anthem MRX larger display panel

The Anthem MRX Receivers Feature a Larger Front Panel Display

Besides more power and two extra channels of amplification, the MRX 710 and MRX 510 sport three additional features: First, you can optionally bi-amp the front left and right channels; secondly, you gain access to an extra HDMI port on the front; and third, you get 7.1 pre-outs so that you can optionally choose to add external amplification to those units—a perfect upgrade path should you need it.  

In case you're wondering, the MRX 310 is strictly a 5.1 unit—including pre-outs—and will always downmix 7.1 content to 5.1.  In other words, you can't add an extra stereo amp to make the MRX 310 in to a 7.1 system.  It only has 5.1 for pre-outs.  If you feel like you'll need a 7.1 setup immediately or down the road, you should restrict yourself to looking at the MRX 510 and MRX 710.

For remote control, the Gen2 receivers will have both Apple/iOS and Android remote control apps.  The apps for the Gen2 receivers will be available soon according to Anthem. System integrators and those who need to integrate the MRX receivers into a larger automation system will appreciate the ability to control the MRX receivers either via either ethernet or RS-232.  This means that the Gen 2 receivers can easily fit into any type of home automation solution.

The new receivers keep all the features of the previous generation including conversion of composite and component to HDMI, Dolby Volume, 3D, second audio zone, high-res audio decoding, and Anthem's proprietary listening modes.

The MRX 710 and MRX 510 are scheduled to ship this fall and the MRX 310 is scheduled to ship sometime in early 2014.  All models will come with a 3 year warranty.

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PENG posts on August 28, 2015 03:40
Steve Wright, post: 1094282, member: 75647
Installed the firmware update (1.2.9) and latest version of the ARC software (1.1.3512) and that fixed the problem! The HT will soon be complete with the purchase of Bowers & Wilkins surrounds. The blu-ray player is an Oppo 103 Darbee Edition.
Thanks again to everyone for the help!

That's nice support. I am really interested in their ARC, too bad they don't make a 2 channel one.
Steve Wright posts on August 27, 2015 11:33
Installed the firmware update (1.2.9) and latest version of the ARC software (1.1.3512) and that fixed the problem! The HT will soon be complete with the purchase of Bowers & Wilkins surrounds. The blu-ray player is an Oppo 103 Darbee Edition.
Thanks again to everyone for the help!
rnatalli posts on August 25, 2015 17:45
I have a 310 and never experienced the problem you describe. Last time around I used Windows 10 and still no issues. Probably something with the software driver being used. Anthem's support is excellent so give them a ring or shoot them an email.
Cos posts on August 24, 2015 12:45
I don't have experience with their receivers, but you can also email their support, which has always been very good to for me when I had the AVM PRE/PROS.
Steve Wright posts on August 24, 2015 11:31
Hope someone can help. I have an Anthem MRX710 purchased in April. Everything is great except that I have to “Restore Factory Defaults” in order to upload the ARC information. If I attempt to upload without restoring the defaults, the software will indicate that the “Connection is lost” or “Connection is refused.” I'm using a direct Internet connection, Dell laptop with Windows 8.1. The Anthem release version is 1.2.6. If there's no fix, I can live with it, but it would be nice not have to do a reset before ARC can run. I bought the receiver online so I don't have a dealer or store to talk to, plus contacting Anthem directly by phone is considered international since they are located in Canada.
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