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2003 Preamp-Processor and Receiver Wish List

by August 30, 2004

In light of our most recent findings with many of today's receivers and preamp/processors, we have prepared a "wish list" to assist manufacturers in developing their next generation of products with critical features we and our readers deem as being essential. This suggestive wish list, if granted, would, in our opinion, produce the highest performance and most flexible home theater products for the most demanding home theater consumers and installations. We believe implementing these features will enhance all modes of operation as well as provide the consumers with a more valuable product, achieving a higher satisfaction and approval rating.

Wish List for New Preamp-Processors & Receivers:

  • Premium dual differential DAC implementation on all channels (quad dual differential in 2CH direct stereo).
  • Subwoofer output with independent bass management and independent level control in 2CH Analog direct mode.
  • Channel trim accuracy +/- 0.5dB.
  • Digital delay accuracy +/- 0 .1ft increments.
  • DSP processing in conjunction with a microphone for automatic level and delay calibration and room correction.
  • Internal bass test tones from 200Hz to 20Hz in 1/6 octave increments for each channel, and all channel pairs with and without subwoofer.
  • Variable cross-over settings from 40Hz to 160Hz in 10Hz steps and selectable filter response.
  • Defeatable notch filter for subwoofer LPF at selectable frequencies common to typical room modes (IE. 60Hz, 120Hz,etc).
  • Three high bandwidth (100MHz or greater) component video inputs and two monitor outputs.
  • Independent channel trim settings for every input and every mode of operation.
  • On the fly group delay adjustment for LPF on sub out.
  • Defeatable +5 to 15dB gain boost for subwoofer channel on EXT analog Inputs.
  • Defeatable bass management and digital delay compensation on EXT analog inputs.
  • Two sets of EXT analog inputs for provisioning of DVD-A and SACD.
  • Adjustable sleep mode (30, 60, 90 min).
  • Composite and S-video up-conversion to component video.
  • At least 5 coax and TOSlink digital SPDIF inputs (fully-routable to any input source)
  • Multiple firewire interfaces and/or provisioning for HDMI.
  • HDCD decoder.
  • Option to up-sample 16 or 20 bit digital inputs to 24 bit and up-convert sampling rates.
  • Multi-room / multi-source capability.
  • Virtual 7.1 channel DSP simulated modes for 5.1 channel speaker configuration.
  • Super bass mode to combine bass from main speakers set large to the subwoofer.
  • Retainable power up master volume level setting.
  • Auto power on when input signal detected.
  • Ability to disable 80Hz setting for all crossovers when engaged in THX processing.
  • Defeatable THX post processing and/or boundary gain compensation.
  • Circle Surround decoding (SRS)
  • Dedicated, amplified channels for front effects for DSP modes.
  • High current (500mA) 12V triggers with selectable polarity.

Receiver Specific Wishlist:

  • Ability to bi-amp the front main channels in a 5.1 set-up with the un-used rear center channel amps.
  • Ability to bridge front main channels with a pair of surround channels in two channel direct mode.

Manufacturers Feedback
Date: 07/31/03

Integra has found this wish-list' of features to be a useful tool for future development. For certain, this list will be receiving a perpetual "massage" from other Audioholics out there, but we are looking into more than a handful of this initial set for next-gen products. Electronics manufacturers - like our PC counterparts - are always forced to make the difficult decision of when to transition a product from the R & D table and into production. With great ideas like these rolling in it makes that decision even harder...

Best regards,
Eric Harper
Integra Product & Custom Installation Manager


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