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Velodyne SMS-1 Parametric EQ System Overview


Using the System: The Basics

Setting up the SMS-1 is a simple process. Though the user manual reads more like a dictionary than a procedural instruction set, the SMS-1 is really quite easy to use. Here is a “birds eye” view of the entire calibration process:

  • Connect the bass-managed “subwoofer” output from the receiver to the LFE input of the SMS-1 (do not disable bass management on your receiver as suggested in the SMS-1 manual)
  • Connect the stereo RCA outputs and composite video out from the SMS-1 to an available input on your receiver
  • Power up the SMS-1
  • Position the included microphone at the main seating position and connect it to the front XLR input of the SMS-1
  • Select a ‘Preset’ on the remote control (we suggest starting with #5). At the main menu of the SMS-1 system hit the ‘Menu’ button and press ‘12345’
  • Ensure that the ‘LOW PASS XOVER FREQ’ is disabled
  • Make manual subwoofer and room adjustments first to get the best possible room response (move the sub, close doors, move furniture and seating/mic position, select the proper bass management and crossover settings on your receiver, etc)
  • Use the 8-band parametric EQ to make final tweaks to the room’s frequency response at the main listening position
  • Test the other seating areas and make sure you do not drastically reduce quality in the secondary seats while optimizing the primary listening position



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