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Ken Stein Biography

by May 04, 2006

As a teenager Ken was fascinated and curious about how small electronic components could produce sound and music. He started with an all-in-one electronics kit and then, with the encouragement of his brother-in-law, quickly became an audio enthusiast when he got his first stereo. He knew that while he enjoyed listening to music - it could sound better. As he finished high school his curiosity took over and he pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering.

While in college Ken met plenty of other engineering students that were also audio enthusiasts, some of whom were speaker builders. Speaker building was interesting to him but not a hobby he could engage in while in college - that would come later. Upon graduation and acquiring his Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, he took his first job in Small Signal Filter Design. While employed, his understanding of audio became much clearer.

Ken has a passion for building speakers and even started studying acoustics with plans for building a Home Theater/Audio room. After reading the "Master Handbook of Acoustics" he constructed the room and even built his own acoustical treatments. Kens passion and expertise carries over into his reviews and articles which he writes for Audioholics. Ken plans to become HAA certified in the near future.

Note from Audioholics
Ken has joined us here at Audioholics where we have inaugurated his room as Reference System 4. Ken adds a new dimension to Audioholics with his speaker building experience and his acquired knowledge of acoustics. He believes in the basis of our philosophy by supporting subjective opinions with engineering analysis and measurements.

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About the author:
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Ken Stein is a contributing writer and reviewer for Audioholics and he really REALLY likes his speakers (which he should, since he spent countless hours hand-crafting them himself.) Ken is an engineer with FedEx and applies his diligent attention to detail to his speaker and electronics reviews here at Audioholics.

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