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MX-700 Remote Overview


mx700.jpg When I first heard I was to receive an MX-700 remote control to review I was mildly receptive. I was fairly happy with my Yamaha learning remote control, one that came with the RX-V3000 receiver I own. What I primarily liked about that receiver's remote was its ability to automatically facilitate audio-follows-video switching and its dedicated receiver volume control. In using the Home Theater Master MX-700, I underwent an entire change in understanding of how well a remote control can function. While the small LCD of my Yamaha remote allowed for control of devices without affecting the current selected inputs, the fully-functional multi-pane LCD screen of the Home Theater MX-700 allows for tremendous flexibility in controlling all of your devices efficiently and ergonomically.

With that in mind, lets dive into the MX-700 with an attempt to understand its strengths, usefulness and its function as a home theater component rather than just a simple utility. I think that , like me, once you understand what a true home theater remote control can do, you will understand just what it is you are missing.

Ergonomics and Style

One of the things I find absolutely necessary for a remote control to be useful is a good, ergonomic interface. This is where touch-screen LCD remotes fail, in my opinion. Full-face LCD touch screen remote control units are generally bulky and force the user to frequently utilize two hands to perform basic functions. The MX-700 shatters this by presenting itself as a single-handed remote. It is designed to fit comfortably in one hand, with all buttons accessible. I find myself able to slide the unit up and down in my hand to access all buttons with my thumb, including the customized LCD buttons. When you do utilize your other hand, you'll find it natural as well. I couldn't help but think they must have done a tremendous amount of R & D to arrive at such a sensible design, but then I looked at the history of Home Theater Master and their products lines and see that the MX-700 is a natural evolution of a company that knows remote controls.


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