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Denon Summer Conference 2005 – Wrap-up

by July 17, 2005
Denon S-series Systems

Denon S-series Systems

What we took away from this conference was the sheer commitment Denon has to:

1) Becoming the leader in the custom home theater marketplace

2) Breaking new grounds in value on entry-level products

3) Providing high performance, compact solutions that sound as good as they are easy to use

4) Being a company that listens to its dealers, consumers and professional reviewers - implementing their feedback into new products

Before we wrap this up, here is some more on-location product coverage.

Denon Personal Component Audio System D-F101S

Component AM/FM Receiver with 35wpc power, CD/CD-R/RW Player and high-quality loudspeaker design. This system will surely please any Audioholic without breaking the bank while occupying about the same space as a flashy boom box system (except sporting much better aesthetics and sound quality.)

Here's a sexy pic of an AVR-5805 with a glass top. It's hard not to salivate over the engineering marvel of this mammoth receiver.

or the Denon DVD-5910 Universal DVD Player...

That is, of course, until you look out a window and take in the beauty of Amelia Island , just one of the reasons we love Florida so much!

Now that's what we call scenery!

The next stop for us is CEDIA 2005 in September where I am sure there will be a few more product announcements from several home theater product manufacturers. We look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest news live from the show floor and hope that you will stay tuned and let us know what you think.


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