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Gefen Demos Wireless Component and HDMI Solutions

by March 12, 2007
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Wireless HDMI

Wireless HDMI

Gefen had earlier announced a Wireless Component + Audio Extender to allow cable-free extension of any component video display up to 60 feet. The units are equipped with two separate audio ins/outs in mini stereo RCA format. The extender operates through IEEE 802.11 a/g/e standards, delivering resolutions up to 720p with clear and defined imagery on the receiving end, supplemented by a selection of audio.

But what about HDMI? Well, Gefen showed off a new prototype of its brand new Wireless for HDMI Extender. The box promises to deliver HDMI audio/video signals up to 60 feet using ultra-wideband radio waves combined with advanced compression techniques for delivery of high definition visuals on the receiving end. Video is delivered in all HD formats up to 1080i complimented by full HDCP compliance and dynamic bit rate adjustments for real-time delivery. A 1080p model wasn't being demoed at the show and the one they had was exhibiting some issues with quality (coupled with a very grainy Blu-ray Disc source that made for a very unimpressive demo.)

Both solutions operate through sender/receiver units that can be placed discreetly at the source and display locations, and are currently available for pre-order. MSRP is $699 and shipping is expected in June 2007.

Visit Gefen at www.gefen.com to receive detailed information on both wireless extension solutions.

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