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Panasonic BL-PA100 HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Technology

Panasonic debuts the new BL-PA100 HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor at CES today. This product will make it possible for anyone to establish a powerful, high bandwidth network from nearly anywhere in their home in a matter of seconds. The new BL-PA100 makes it extremely easy to set up a network for connecting devices. Before this product, a reliable network capable of carrying high-definition video content required running dedicated cabling between devices a possibly expensive and time-consuming venture. With a Wireless LAN, wireless interference and network collisions are a significant problem for many users, in some cases causing the network to drop out or suffer extremely poor bandwidth capacity, and it might be difficult for the average person to properly set the security code (WEP), thereby risking online security.

The new BL-PA100 adaptor eliminates these, and other, hassles associated with this process. Simply plug the adaptor into an electric power outlet, plug your PC or other peripheral, such as a Panasonic IP network camera, into the adaptor's Ethernet port and you're ready to go. To add a second HD-PLC adaptor, plug the Master and Terminal units into the same power outlet, and push the Setup button on each unit. Then, wait for the adaptors' LED lights to turn on to confirm that setup is complete. To re-locate the Internet connection, simply take the adaptor out of the current power outlet and move it to another outlet in the desired location.

The BL-PA100 HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor will be available in March 2006 with a $129.95 MSRP (The BL-PA100KTA is a starter kit containing 2 adaptors with a $199.95 MSRP).

Information about Panasonic products is available at www.panasonic.com.

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