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Digeo, Inc Moxi DVR Media Center

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Media Centers & Servers

We stopped by the Moxi booth (or, more accurately, were mystically drawn into its orange-tinted booth) in order to explore their new media center/DVR/streaming server product. It slices, it dices, it juliennes... Trouble is, the details were both sketchy and abundant. It will have:
  • DVD with upconversion via HDMI and multi-room access
  • DVR and HD DVR capabilities
  • Jukebox system for importing CDs to the on-board hard drive
  • Integrated menu for displaying cable programming, jukebox, photos and games
  • Integrated on-demand and PPV (very unspecific on how this works given current one-way CableCARD technology but it appears to be dependent on the local cable provider)
  • PIP viewing while browsing the program guide
  • Search functionality (two weeks of Guide data)
  • Category filters (HDTV, movies, sports, kids, news & music)
  • Parental controls
  • Multi-room streaming and access (using slave unit)
  • PC connectivity

[Moxi3] Digeo was unsure of the exact storage volume for these units, but 60GB to 80GB for a standard unit was suggested. Another thing to realize is that the system is only fully compatible with particular areas and cable providers. The Moxi website gives a list of compatible cable providers and areas.

Shipping is stated as being "second quarter of 2007" but given the fact that none of the boxes were showing any connections or specifics (the display boxes were mockups) we aren't particularly confident they'll make this ambitious deadline.

For more information please visit www.moxi.com .

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