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Blu-ray Shameless Self-Promotion a CES Staple

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Editorials

Capturing an act of almost shameless promotion and exaggeration to a level we've almost never before seen, we witnessed this beauty of an announcement on the show floor (no, really, I stepped on it as it was lying on the show floor):

Let's evaluate just a few of the articles and headlines located in this publication:

  1. Blu-ray Victory Inevitable
    Taking extrapolations from PS3 sales, the Blu-ray camp objectively and without any bias predicted that it would quickly snuff out the format war. With a publication entitled "Blu-ray Today" it's great to see such an unbiased source of information making such substantiated and relevant claims. "The war could already be over" proclaims Understanding & Solutions co-founder Jim Bottoms. The Easter Bunny was also quoted as saying "Blue makes my fur all tingly."
  2. Millions and Billions of Blu
    Despite the title, this second article shows that, thanks again to the PS3, 4 and other hypothetical future Blu-ray and HD DVD products, millions of units (72.5 in fact) will be in existence within the United States by 2010. This means that roughly 1 out of every 4 people will own a high definition player according to the "study". This same source claims that 90% of all households will own (at least) HD-ready television sets. This is ridiculous and borders on deliberately dishonest and misleading.
  3. Blu-ray Got it "Right"?
    With gosh-awful transfers and first round high-definition DVDs that fell short of many reference standard definition DVDs in terms of clarity, this next article on Page 3 is laughable. We're not out to get Blu-ray, but this shameless rag prattles on and on as if its audience was living in a small cave in Africa for the past year.
  4. Blu-ray Outpacing DVD
    Apparently the PS3 is significantly affecting first year sales of Blu-ray. This is cool, but hardly makes for good comparisons against first year DVD sales. First of all, most people buying a PS3 are buying ot for... you guessed it - gaming . The people who bought into DVD wanted to play movies (the DVD format didn't do anything else). Trying to compare the histories of DVD and BD sales is almost comically innacurate and a deliberate attempt to seek relevency and market significance.

Hey, we're excited about these new HD-DVD formats as much as anyone, however we feel it's important that consumer opinion be swayed by the facts, and not just one side's (or the other's) attempt at manipulating the data and incorrectly presenting the statistics (present and future) of a format. This "magazine" was nothing short of a Blu-ray hype-machine that distorted the truth and ignored what's really going on in the industry.

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