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BG BX-4850 THX Ultra 2 In-wall Sub

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

BG Corp lavishly introduced the BG BX-4850, an in-wall subwoofer that incorporates design concepts and technology developed by THX into a unique design suitable for today's homes.

The BG BX-4850 is apparently the first in-wall subwoofer to achieve THX Ultra2 Certification, and the first audio product to incorporate THX Balanced Bass-line, a proprietary new THX technology for delivering vibration-free bass from a very compact speaker design.

The BX-4850 THX Certified Ultra2 Subwoofer consists of four modules, each containing 12 micro-precision woofers mounted in their own enclosures and arranged in balanced pairs. The 48 woofers have a total radiating area equal to a two 18 inch drivers, yet fit completely inside a standard 2x4-inch stud-wall. All that is visible to the listener is a tall, slim grill 26 inches high and just 4 inches wide (per module). The subwoofer modules are entirely self-contained, and do not rely on the wall cavity in which they reside, or a separate back-box, to deliver resonance-free, natural bass.

The effect is a tall, slim profile which is unobtrusive and blends smoothly into any décor. It basically disappears into the wall. Though it is powered by a total of 2,400 watts, the amplification, digital signal processing (DSP) and control are all contained within two 1.5u high, 19-inch rack mountable controller/amplifier units.

The new BG BX-4850 Ultra2 Subwoofer is expected to be available through authorized BG Corp. dealers in the spring.

For more information please visit www.bgcorp.com .

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