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Audiolab 8000X7 Power Amplifier

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Amplifiers

We checked out the new line of power amplifiers from Audiolab at CES this week. Their flagship model, the 8000X7 is a one-box, seven channel power amplifier, designed to handle difficult loudspeaker loads. The 8000X7 home theatre power amplifier delivers 7 x 100Wrms power. However, you can also run it in five or six channel mode too. By bridging two channels it is possible to create a more powerful single channel - especially useful if your front left and front right speakers are more performance critical than the other speakers in your 5.1 system. This can be achieved simply by changing switch settings on the rear of the unit. The 8000X7 is gain matched with the other 8000 series power amplifiers, and the Power section of the 8000S integrated amplifier. The 8000X7 is designed to work in combination with any of these should the demands of your system change in time.

For more information go to www.audiolab.co.uk

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