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Anthony Gallo Ceiling Mounts

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

Anthony Gallo Acoustics displayed its all-new in-ceiling/in-wall mounts in the Venetian Luxury Suites (what passes for an upgraded "Alexis Park" this year). The new mounting options allow users to install AGA's award-winning Micro Ti (4" sphere) and A'Diva Ti (5" sphere) loudspeakers halfway into walls and ceilings, with the ability to be rotated for optimal performance. End users will now be able to get the sound of Gallo's bookshelf loudspeaker, but with the unobtrusiveness of an in-ceiling/in-wall speaker. As boundary gain compensation is not part of this system, we expect users will need to rely on room calibration software and/or systems - whether external or built into their AV receivers or processors.

The mount works in standard drywall, but includes beveled screw holes also for other applications. The ABS construction allows overpainting to match any decor. The Micro mount requires a 5" diameter mounting hole for the inner part of the bracket, while the A'Diva mount requires a 6" hole. Once the studs have been located, end-users can swing out the dog ears to fix the bracket to the dry wall and the outer ring. The attached loudspeaker can then be screw-locked into the installed ceiling/wall ring.

For more information visit: www.roundsound.com .

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