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ABT2010 SD/HD Video Processor

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Audio & Video Processors

Anchor Bay announced a Q2 estimated shipment for its new second-generation ABT2010 IC chips. These are Anchor Bay's latest video-processing ICs designed for format conversion applications in HDTVs, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray Disc players, and AV receivers. This is ABT's first chip to offer Progressive Re-Processing (PReP) technology to its OEMs.

This new ABT2010 chip offers all of the processing power of Anchor Bay's VRS technology, including:

  • 10-bit Precision Video Scaling II
    Can independently scale an image horizontally and vertically to match the native resolution of a display
  • HD Precision Deinterlacing
    Provides 5-field motion-adaptive and edge-adaptive processing for an artifact-free picture
  • Noise reduction, including mosquito and block noise
  • PReP (Progressive Re-Processing) technology
    Reverts progressive signals back to their original interlaced formats and then applies correct deinterlacing

The ABT2010 also supports HDMI 1.3 with 12-bit output resolutions.


  • Supports 480i/576i/1080i-50, 1080i-50, 1080i-60
  • Arbitrary cadence detection (any-to-any) to detect non-standard cadences
  • Five-field motion adaptive deinterlacing
  • Edge-adaptive processing to produce smooth diagonal edges
  • Three-frame video processing with low-latency gaming modes
  • Reliable 2:2 pull-down detection for 50-Hz video standards
  • Bad edit detection to minimize artifacts caused by sequence breaks in film content
  • Detection of multiple source type within a frame (video titles over film)
  • Detection of 2:2 to/from 3:2 crossfades and out of phase 3:2 crossfades
  • Detection modes - automatic, video, film-bias, forced 3:2 and 2:2
  • Cadence detection of 480p, 576p, 720p, and 1080p sources
  • Pass-through mode for all formats
  • CEA-861D compliant timing
  • On-screen display

For more information please visit www.anchorbaytech.com .

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