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Xperinet MIRV Tarpon Media Client

by September 06, 2007
Filed under: Media Centers/Servers
Xperinet MIRV Tarpon Media Client

Xperinet MIRV Tarpon Media Client

Xperinet, Inc. has Streaming Media Servers that now handle Blu-ray content - streamed from a hard drive - according to a rep we spoke to at the show. Streamed? Yes. Don't ask us how they got permission to deal with the DRM, but apparently this isn't a problem (we'll be probing more into this, but they may be using the same workarounds afforded to Kaleidescape.) They feature hard drives  that measure well into the Terabytes and have several form factors. The new key product is a slim Wall-Mount Player which is designed to sit behind a flat panel monitor or television and send HD or other content to the display - at up to 1080p resolution.

The device, designated MIRV Tarpon, packs a video decoding system into a 9” x 5” x 1” chassis that can be mounted behind a plasma or LCD display. The Tarpon decodes a broad array of video formats found on download services and Blu-ray  in 1080p resolution, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DIVX, and WMV-HD.

The Xperinet Tarpon is a small, fanless design that makes it a good fit for theater rooms, bedrooms or other locations where equipment noise and visibility is not desired.  Installation is made simple by connecting HDMI to the display for integrated HD video and digital sound.  A Cat-5e connection to an Ethernet switch enables the unit to serve up video and music from a MIRV server.  A direct IR jack is provided for connecting a remote IR receiver or link to an IR repeater system, although Crestron, AMX, and other touchpanel systems can be easily integrated using RS-232C or IP control.

The Tarpon Model MC-4100 is scheduled for shipment beginning in late October 2007 and is backward compatible with legacy MIRV servers. It can be used in combination with Orion and Taurus MIRV clients which enable remote content loading and local disk playback.

For more information, please visit http://www.xperinet.com.

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