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Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System

by September 07, 2007
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Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System

Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System

The Ensemble HD Home Cinema System is a high performance, affordable, integrated audio and video projection system. It has been designed to allow users to seamlessly transform any room into a true, state of the art “screening room” with the push of a single button. The Ensemble HD Home Cinema System includes the choice of a 1080p or 720p high-definition Epson projector, a motorized 100-inch screen, an audio/video controller with integrated DVD player, a newly engineered Atlantic Technology speaker system and a proprietary subwoofer containing all 5.1 channels of amplification. The entire system is controlled by a pre-programmed universal remote. In addition, all mounting brackets, cables and wire management tracks are included for an easy and unobtrusive installation.

The system has a sleek contemporary design that blends the components together with virtually any room décor. All front channel speakers are hidden in the system’s attractive screen housing and the surround speakers are discreetly integrated in the projector covering.


  • Sleek design & soft white finish ensure easy integration into any décor
  • Remote controlled, motorized screen allows for dual room use
  • Front channel speakers, built into the screen housing and surround speakers integrated into the projector mount,
    are discreetly hidden from view and require no separate wiring
  • Basic installation in less than 4 hours
  • Pre-programmed universal remote allows users to activate the entire system with the push of a single button
  • Epson 1080p High Definition Projector (or Epson 720p projector for Ensemble HD model)
  • 100” Motorized Screen offers movie theater sized image
  • Powerful 5.1 surround sound system custom designed by Atlantic Technology
  • 10-inch subwoofer with all channels of amplification
  • Audio/Video controller with dual HDMI inputs and 1080p up-conversion
  • Built-in progressive-scan DVD player
For more information, please visit www.epson.com
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