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by December 04, 2006
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The DVDO iScan VP50PRO got a THX certification in time for the CEDIA EXPO. Video quality certification is fairly new for THX this year but they are hard at work releasing new products that meet their specifications and stipulations. The VP50PRO will be the world's first video processor to receive the THX certification. The VP50PRO also claims itself as the first video processor to use HDMI 1.3 receiver/transmitter chips, which allow users to connect other HDMI-compliant 1.3 devices that support high-resolution audio formats and 12-bit Deep Color, available on some newer sources like HD-DVD, Blu-ray, and the Sony PS3.

The VP50PRO is the culmination of Anchor Bay's Video Reference Series (VRS) technologies, including Mosquito Noise Reduction, Fine Detail Enhancement, and Edge Enhancement, which greatly improve the quality of compressed and low resolution content coming from set-top-boxes (cable & satellite), DVRs, DVD, and other digital media devices when viewed on high-resolution displays.

The VP50PRO also is ISFccc certified and incorporates the necessary controls to allow an ISF calibrator to lock in ISF day and night presets for customers. The modes ensure that the picture controls are properly adjusted, providing the customer with the most accurate picture available in various lighting environments.

For more information please visit www.anchorbaytech.com.

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