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Samsung DVD-HD1080 1080p DVD

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: DVD/HD-DVD Players

Samsung Electronics introduced three new DVD player models at the 2006 CES, the DVD-HD860, DVD-HD960, and the SACD/DVD-Audio compatible DVD-HD1080. Ideal for consumers who want to savor their DVD collections on new HD displays, the players utilize a digital process that upgrades standard DVD resolution to near high-definition quality with 1080i, 720p, and for the first time, 1080p. The new models also feature a sleek design that complements Samsung's HDTVs.

Samsung's up-converting DVD players are the perfect solution for home theater enthusiasts with new digital televisions who are disappointed with the current lack of high-definition programming as well as the fact that their existing DVD collections do not match up in resolution to their beloved new sets. Samsung's new DVD-HD960 and DVD-HD1080 players rejuvenate DVD libraries by up-converting a DVD's native resolution (480p) to output close to high-definition formats (720p/1080i/1080p). Because the upconversion process occurs in the digital domain, no data is lost (compared with analogue conversion) and the resulting image is close to pristine.

[IMGP2695] Samsung's DVD-HD860 and DVD-HD960 are slim, elegant DVD players with multiple features. The players offer up-conversion, HDMI outputs for simple, single-cable connection of uncompressed digital video, and HD JPEG playback for viewing crystal clear photos in the comfort of your home theater. The super-slim, DVD-HD860 upconverts to 720p/1080i while the DVD-HD960 goes up to a near HD, 1080p resolution.

The DVD-HD960 and DVD-HD1080 boast a natural, clear picture, upconverted by way of DCDi by a Faroudja FLI-2310 chip which substantially eliminates jagged edges that appear when standard interlaced video is viewed on progressive-scan displays.

[IMGP26941] The cream of Samsung's DVD player crop, the DVD-HD1080, boasts 5.1ch DVD Audio / SACD support via its HDMI output (apparently HDMI 1.2, though a Samsung rep could not verify this) and true HD 1080p progressive output. The unit has a Jog-shuttle control (we like these), allowing for improved ease of navigation within the DVD's content.

The DVD-HD860 is available in March 2006 for $99 MAP. The DVD-HD960 is available in April 2006 for $179 MAP. The DVD-HD1080 is in May 2006 for $249 MAP.

Please visit www.samsung.com for more information.

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