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Flying Mole CA-S3 Integrated Amp

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: Amplifiers

At about the size of a few CD cases and weighing a mere 3 lbs., the CA-S3 Integrated Amplifier is truly an audio enthusiasts' portable, compact solution to their bedside, desktop, or PC sound system. Beautifully encased in a non-magnetic pure aluminum enclosure, the CA-S3 incorporates Flying Mole's proprietary 2 x 30W/4ohm Bi-Phase PWM Digital Amplifier and Full Resonance Power Supply.

Other elements of the CA-S3 include, but are not limited to:
  • World's First One Pole Pre-Amplifier - newly developed for this unit, the 27 level volume control with high accuracy enables enjoyment of high quality sound at any output level
  • Super Strong Power Supply for High Definition - the CA-S3's power supply is 3 to 5 times stronger than is the norm. At 150 Watts maximum and 50 Watts continuous, this power supply offers a stable sound picture with excellent musical qualities
  • Proprietary Bi-Phase PWM Amplifier and Power Supply - depresses distortion levels to the point unattainable by other conventional digital amps. This results in the reproduction of subtle signals and brilliant sound
  • [FlyingmoleCAs3back] Newly Developed Speaker Terminals - the cone shaped solid, gold plated brass speaker terminals enable maximum contact with bare wires thus minimizing contact resistance
  • Simple Construction for Pure Sound - the CA-S3 is not equipped with either input or speaker selector. Simple and true to the concept of the "straight wire with gain", it aims at the pure reproduction of the signal
  • Flying Mole's Continuous Commitment to Ecology - with total efficiency of 80% at max power (turn electricity into power, not heat), low power consumption (energy saving), compact body (resource saving), and the CA-S3 even qualifies for the new RoHS directive on restricted use of hazardous substances

MSRP and shipping information was not announced or finalized.

For more information please visit www.flyingmoleelectronics.com .

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