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Denon Receiver Upgrades

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: Receivers/Processors

Denon Electronics announced that owners of the AVR-5805 and AVR-4806 will be able to purchase upgrades for their receivers that will provide a variety of added features, including full compliance with the Microsoft PlaysForSure program. (Denon's AVR-4306 is already in compliance with the PlaysForSure program).

Optional Upgrades Available for AVR-5805 and AVR-4806
At CES, Denon announced it will provide two key upgrade options to benefit owners of the company's popular award-winning AVR-5805 and AVR-4806 AV receivers. The complete upgrade package, which will be available to AVR-5805 and AVR-4806 owners in March for $500, provides new video processing capabilities for both models. The AVR-5805 will be upgraded with analogue-to-HDMI conversion, plus the added bonus of scaling to 1080i through its onboard scaler. In addition, the receiver's HDMI inputs and outputs will be upgraded to handle 1080p video. The upgrade provides the AVR-4806 with additional scaler capabilities and the ability to pass through 1080p video as well.

The $500 upgrade package for the AVR-5805 and AVR-4806 also includes a previously announced Ethernet firmware upgrade. Among the benefits for the upgraded receivers will be their full compliance with the Microsoft PlaysForSure program, ensuring playback compatibility with subscription and download music from the growing variety of PlaysForSure online music stores. Denon's recently introduced AVR-4306 is already in full compliance with the PlaysForSure program.

Along with support for subscription and download PlaysforSure music services, the Ethernet upgrade will allow the AVR-5805 and AVR-4806 to play back Windows Media Audio files ripped from CD and will permit audio streaming from either a Windows XP-based PC, Escient FireBall or other DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance, www.dlna.org) supported device. Once connected, the Denon receivers will have complete 'command and control' of audio playback for these sources via the on-screen display and Denon remote control. Users can even connect both a DLNA supported device and a PC at the same time, accessing music from either source with individual control functions. Additional features and functionality included in the firmware upgrade are Internet radio access and control, as well as a web browser interface.

Ethernet Only Firmware Upgrade
For $200, owners of the AVR-4806 and AVR-5805 may choose the Ethernet-only firmware upgrade option, which will be available in January. This upgrade includes compliance with the Microsoft PlaysForSure program as well as the above mentioned audio streaming capabilities. Customers may purchase the upgrade through the Denon web site and install it themselves via the Ethernet port on their Denon components.

For more information, please contact http://usa.denon.com.

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