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CES 2006 AVS Party

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: Editorials

AVS, with the support of Runco International, Blue Jeans Cable, TV Authority, and OPPO Digital, threw their 5 th annual CES party held in the Sahara's Gold ballroom. Drinks and a very nice buffet were provided. David Bott, the founder of AV Science Forum, hosted the event which as both informal and entertaining. Each of the venders spoke a few words mostly thanking the forum members and the AV community in general for driving the field to new and better heights.

Sam Runco, slightly more verbose than the others, was both funny and entertaining and provided some light hearted insight to the humble beginnings of Runco International. One comment of note let out that Runco had purchased another company and that the company would serve the "do it yourself" customer. Sam, always proud of his installer and hobbyist beginnings, seemed exceptionally excited to be servicing what he seemed to feel were "his people." Audioholics is intrigued by this announcement and will keep you informed as information leaks out.

The event was well attended (a rough guestimation would be in the neighborhood of several hundred) and the attendees seemed both grateful and excited by the night's festivities. David Bott introduced the HTGuys, Ara and Braden, from the twice a week AVS Radio pod-cast. While the Guys were brief, it was nice to put faces to their voices.

Sitting up front, the Audioholics contingent got an up close view of the night's entertainment. A clue to the identities of the performers should have been the dark sunglasses or the movie playing on three screens, but we were still pleasantly surprised when the Blues Brothers impersonators took the stage. The John Belushi look alike was especially convincing. Regardless, the performance was great and the crowd really ate it up.

Last but not least, a few lucky raffle winners took home MP3 players. Overall, the party was a great success and Audioholics was pleased to be in attendance
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