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Buttkicker Gamer

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

We were able to stop by and check out the relatively new Buttkicker Gamer from the Guitammer Company which is now shipping worldwide.

Quickly and easily attached to most center post computer or office chairs, the ButtKicker Gamer makes video gaming, computer entertainment and digital music come to tactile life. PC and video games, movies and music will be perceived as being much more intense. Explosions, crashes and impacts will be felt; providing an experience much closer to virtual reality (it works, we've felt it). Best of all for apartment dwellers or those who co-exist with those poor sould who don't appreciate 105dB subwoofers cranked to their potential, the ButtKicker Gamer allows the user to FEEL the action without cranking the sound (you can even use it with headphones). This is possible because the low frequency (bass) sound is transferred to, and stays within, the chair to which the Gamer's "tushie" is attached.

The Gamer is PC and Mac compatible and works with or without a digital sound card. It can be part of a 5.1, 4.1, 4.0 or 2.0 speaker system. It can be used in addition to, or instead of, a subwoofer. It can be used to play tricks on your teacher at school... well, maybe that's not a good idea. Hook it up to an Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2/3, GameCube or use it with your home theater system.

With only one magnetically suspended moving part, and a thermal switch for heat protection, the Gamer provides tremendous power and is virtually indestructible and maintenance free.

The ButtKicker Gamer has been shipping since Summer of this year and has a suggested retail price of $169.95 and a typical street price of $149.99. Included is the ButtKicker Gamer with its patent pending "Easy Clamp" mechanism, a 100 watt amplifier, all the necessary cables and wires and a fully illustrated Quick Start Guide. The ButtKicker Gamer even comes in an attractive 4-color gift box that doubles as a point of purchase display with illustrations of chair mounting and how to connect the system to computers, video game consoles and digital music players.

For more information please visit www.thebuttkicker.com .

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