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Noise Out Essentials

by September 09, 2006
Filed under: Miscellaneous

NoiseOut Essentials released a new line of soundproofing and noise control solutions that look like everyday household objects, but soundproof a room. The line features acoustic pillows, wallpaper, artwork, throws, moldings, base boards, door frames and other standard design elements that can be integrated into homes or commercial environments. Also included in the NoiseOut Essentials line is a family of soundproofing materials that can be incorporated into existing architectural elements and home décor items.

After providing basic room information such as size, height of ceiling, and other room characteristics, an engineer utilizes a proprietary software program developed by NoiseOut Essentials to determine the number of Units needed to bring a room to its ideal acoustical environment. Customers then choose the variety of NoiseOut Essentials products that fit their design and soundproofing needs, tastes and budgets. Best of all, consultation is FREE.

A variety of NoiseOut Essentials products, such as carpet underlayment, Paradisefoam pillows and wallpaper, can be chosen until the correct number of NoiseOut Essentials Units needed to soundproof a room has been reached.

The NoiseOut Essentials product lineup available now includes:
• Carpet Underlayment
• Acoustic Wood
• Paradisefoam
• Projector Enclosures
• Artwork
• Curtains
• Bookcase Acoustic Inserts
• Throws, Blankets
• Acoustic Wall Paper
• Base and Case Trim
• Acoustic Pillow with The Right Stuffing 
• Slipcovers (for sofas and chairs)
• Acoustic Metal
• Architectural Elements

The following NoiseOut Essentials product will soon be introduced:
• Artificial Plants and Plant holders
• Home Theater Chairs
• Sofas and Sleepers
• Bookcases
• Lampshades
• Book Covers
• Special Woven Carpets
• Chair pads
• Tiles (ceramic and slate-appearance)
• Wood Paneling

For more information go to www.noiseoutessentials.com

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