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McIntosh XRT2K Center Channel

by September 09, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

McIntosh showed off a center channel to match its venerated XRT2K speakers. What was interesting about this speaker was the triple (3-way) tri-wire arrangement on the rear of the speaker. You'll need to be careful when wiring up this speaker since, according to a McIntosh boothperson, the tri-wire terminals are actually wired in parallel within the box... What this means is that you cannot remove the jumpers and tri-amp the amplifier's hi, mid and low drivers. Well, you can, but you'll likely blow up your amplifiers. What the system is made for is a set of three exotic tri-wire cables. It makes for a pretty arrangement of wires, and if you're looking to dress up your home theater, a few extra thousand on cables probably won't be a problem.

We didn't get a definite ship date for the center channel. As for the price - well, if you have to ask... :-)

For more information, please visit www.mcintoshlabs.com .

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