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DVIGear HDMI Switchers & Distribution Amplifiers

by September 09, 2006
Filed under: Cables & Power Filters

DVIGear announced a new line of HDMI switchers and distribution amplifiers today which should do very well to round out its lineup of HDMI offerings. Available in 2, 4 and 8-channel configurations, the new products can handle just about any level of HDMI switching or distribition application likely to come up in any custom installation scenario.


A quick breakdown of products with estimated (not confirmed) pricing is as follows:

Distribution Amplifiers:

  • 1-in x 2-out distribution amplifier ($250)
  • 1-in x 4-out distribution amplifier ($400)
  • 1-in x 8-out distribution amplifier ($600-$650)


  • 2-in x 1-out distribution amplifier ($250)
  • 4-in x 1-out distribution amplifier ($400)
  • 8-in x 1-out distribution amplifier ($600-$650)

These products are fully licensed by HDMI and completely compatible with HDMI standards as well as HDCP. Each of the switchers features an IR sensor, input select switch and remote control plus power supply.

For more information please visit www.dvigear.com .

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