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Screen Innovations Mirage Projector Screen

by September 09, 2005
Filed under: Projectors & Screens

Screen Innovations displayed their new Mirage projector screen material. This new revolutionary screen technology now makes it possible to install front projection systems in rooms with very high ambient light conditions. The manufacturer claims 10x higher contrast ratios than standard front projection screens and 2x the brightness. I was suprised when I actually saw the material. It is similar to plexiglas in feel and composition, with the screen material attached on the backside of the translucent piece. As you angle the material away from you the refractive light properties can be seen and the screen goes black.

The screen features:

  • Support for all optical front projection formats (LCD/DLP/LCoS)
  • Capability to have projection in brightly lit rooms
  • 10x higher contrast (in ambient light) than standard front screens
  • 2x brighter images
  • 50 customer frame options
  • Screen sizes from 60" - 100" (4:3) or 60" - 120" (16:9) in 1" increments

[IMGP1697] The new screen must ship as a complete, contiguous sheet - since the thick plastic-like material cannot be rolled. The Mirage screen is available in screen sizes in one inch increments (4.3) 60-100 inches (16:9) 60-120 inches. A variety of screen materials will be available including 0.8 gain gray, 1.3 gain matte white, 2.4 gain silver-aluminum flake coated, and translucent rear projection surfaces. The frame will be offered in various custom finishes including exotic woods. The screens are manufactured in the USA. Shipping is slated for November 2005.

For more information please visit www.screeninnovations.com .

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