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Parasound Halo Products

by January 09, 2004
Filed under: Receivers, Processors, and Amps

We were pleased to meet the President of Parasound Richard Schram and dialog with him about their amplifiers, processors and product design philosophy. We engaged in a detailed discussion with Richard about the design behind the Halo C2 processor (review forthcoming). We were intrigued by the high efficiency switching power supply incorporated in the design to minimize heat, size and weight of the product, and will dive further into this topic during our critical review. We asked Richard to peruse our new Preamp/Processor Checklist and perhaps list any critical features that we may have not included.

See our Q/A with Parasound for more info on these products.

parasound-C1-angle.jpg parasound-C2-angle.jpg

Parasound Halo C1 - Retail $6,000 (left); Parasound Halo C2 - Retail $4,500 (right)


Parasound A 51 5-Channel Amplifier - Retail $4000

Richard gave us a tour of the legendary John Curl amplifiers and discussed the robustness of the designs particularly in the oversized power supplies and hefty multiple output devices that according to Richard results in a very low output impedance to not suffer deleterious effects of highly reactive and often highly exotic speaker cables.

parasound-racks1.jpg parasound-racks2.jpg

Plenty of In's and Out's, the Parasound gear offers balanced and unbalanced connections.

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