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Klipsch KES 6100 THX

by January 09, 2004
Filed under: Loudspeakers

Klipsch KES 6100 THX Compact System - MSRP $4000
Klipsch really astounded us with a "cube-busting" system geared towards a higher-end consumer with a desire for an all-in-one smaller on-wall speaker system. This system sounded pretty decent for the price and came with a built in universal DVD player that can handle DVD-A and SACD discs. The Faroudja 1080i transcoded ouput looked fantastic and we were impressed by the quality of the unit overall.


Klipsch KES 6100-THX

Speaker System

•  300 watt Class A/B Subwoofer Power Amp.

•  Dual 8" aluminum cone subwoofers well braced in

    a MDF sealed enclosure.

•  100 wpc for each of the six satellite speakers

•  Satellite speakers comprise a 1" titanium horn

    loaded tweeter and 5 ¼" aluminum cone woofer.  

Control Center

•  Transcoder up-converts all video inputs to

    component video up to 1080i resolution with DCDi

    Faroudja processing.

•  Second Zone, with independent source selection.

•  Universal DVD Player plays DVD-A,SACD,CD,

    and MP3.

•  Decodes virtually every surround format including


•  Software upgradeable.

•  Monster Cables included

As the industries first "just add video" complete A/V system to carry THX certification and Klipsch-branded electronics, the KES 6100-THX certainly appears to be a very viable alternative to a similarly priced "Cubed" system. We were happy to have this system demoed to us at CES and found it to be one of the more innovative and perhaps valued products of the show.

klipsch-KES-6100-THX.jpg klipsch-KES-sub.jpg

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