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Integra Research Product Announcements

by January 09, 2004
Filed under: Receivers, Processors, and Amps

integra_limo.jpg During CES 2004 Day 2, we had an opportunity to attend an invitation only product announcement and demonstration for both Integra and Integra Research. Unlike other product announcements we attended during the show, (which only included Croissants, no transportation and no listening demo) this extravaganza included a limo service and heavy appetizers which consisted of some of the best Sushi we’ve ever had. The Demonstration proved to be as good as the food and transportation.

Integra Research
At the CES 2004 product announcement, Integra Research demonstrated their new line of products which are expected to be available for retail in April, 2004. These new products include the RDA-7.1 amplifier, RDC-7.1 Processor and RDV-1.1 DVD player.

Integra Research offered support and hardware upgrades to the now 4-year old RDC-7. This spring, they also plan to offer an IEEE update, thereby staying with their commitment to offer a product that remains current, and does not become obsolete after 8-months of ownership.


Integra Research RDC-7.1 A/V Processor - Will retail between $4,000 and $5,500 depending on options

But everyone knows after four years, it’s time for Integra Research to rethink their Processor, and oh man, they did. This spring, Integra Research will introduce a new A/V Processor that will take the upgradeability concept to the next level. The RDC-7.1 is a revolutionary design that incorporates modularized “PC” card style banks that can be ordered ala-cart. This will allow everyone to order their RDC-7.1 configured the way they want, and not force everyone to pay additional money for features they will not use. The other advantage of this new concept is that you can order your cards at a later time since they are easily installable. Other feature highlights of the RDC-7.1 include:

• Two assignable sets of 7.1 Multi-channel Pre-out (A/B)
• Decodes SACD in native DSD format without PCM conversion
• Total of three subwoofer outputs (3 assignable)

• True 75-Ohm Progressive Component Video BNC Ins and Outs
• High definition multimedia interface (HDMI v1.0) – 2 in / 1 out
• iLink (IEEE-1394 or firewire)
• Three zone multi-room capability
• Wolfson DAC’s on all channels!
• Ethernet for Net-Tune streaming audio
• Bi-Directional RS-2332 port
• Five assignable 12-VDC trigger outputs
• And more, more, more!

Integra Research RDA-7.1 Seven Channel Amplifer - Will retail for around $5000

Integra Research also made some upgrade changes to their RDA-7.1 amplifier which includes

• higher current driver stage
• 3 gain stages
• wide range design thick copper bus bar
• 600-Joules of energy storage
• All in the same size cabinet

Integra Research RDV-1.1 Universal Player - Will retail for around $4000

The Integra Research RDV-1.1 DVD player is also another sign that Integra Research is now setting trends in Home Theater products. This new DVD player will include the following:

• High definition HDMI output

• True 75-Ohm Progressive Component Video BNC output
• Wolfson DAC’s
• Video circuit on/off
• AES/EBU digital input
• 12-V Trigger and IR out
• Oplus FlexScale video scaling capability
• DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD playback

Without question, we look forward to reviewing these products in more detail this spring. So stay tuned.

dream-theater.jpg Creative Home Theater Presents the Ultimate System

The ultimate in home theater, affordable only to the likes of Bill Gates or Hollywood superstars, we were grateful to briefly experience this set-up in all its glory at the Integra Research showing hosted by Creative Home Theater (a premier home theater system custom installer). The speakers were custom built by a company named California Audio Technologies (CAT). At over 10 feet tall and a retail price of $200K+, they would certainly appease any audiophile in the largest and most elaborate no compromise home theater systems. All of the surround and back channel speakers were integrated into the room décor and the sound produced was simply stellar. Watching the Fifth Element was a pleasure on this system as the enveloping surround field was like nothing we have ever experienced. Clint was amazed by the natural and realistic panning and tonal characteristic of the whole system. Steve was floored that the sound was so free of compression typically heard in DD 5.1 soundtracks. We weren't sure if this was a result of the excellent ADA Processor, or the CAT speakers. I was amazed just by the sheer beauty and ambience of the room and thought to myself this is the type of room I could die in.

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