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Fosgate Audionics

by January 09, 2004
Filed under: Receivers, Processors, and Amps

Introducing the new Fosgate FAPT1+ A/V Processor. This processor is the successor to the FAPT1 which was based on the East Tech Clone processor used by Sherbourn, Outlaw / Atlantic Technology.

A highlight for us during CES 2004 was when we learned from Fosgate Engineers that the Triple Crossover problem we discovered during our review of the Sherbourn PT-7000 has been resolved by a firmware upgrade.  This may explain why some of our friends in the forum did not experience this issue.  These units may have shipped after the firmware upgrade eradicated the problem.


Unique Features of the New FAP T1+

• Bi directional RS-232 port
• Home Theater Masters MX 500 Remote
• New CS 5381 ADC allows for digital bass management on multi channel inputs, analog bass   management , or bypass
• 7.1 multi channel inputs
• Upgraded from Analog Devices T712 to Burr Brown OP2134 audio op-amps
• New CS49400 family DSP chipset
• Dolby Prologic IIx
• Dolby Virtual Headphone
• SNR improvement from 108dB to 120dB
• 7” 16:9 widescreen monitor
• Video DAC’s allow all incoming video to be displayed on front monitor
• Improved video bandwidth on Component Video I/O’s from 60MHz to 80MHz
• 3 toslink / 3 digital coax inputs
• Faroudja Genesis chipset video transcoding (cross-conversion) / up and down conversion
• ALPS AM/FM tuner
• New volume control
• Redesigned tone controls
• Redesigned gain stages
• All discrete codes
• Can control video monitor modes with with MX-500 and saves settings to non-volatile memory


FAA 1000.5 Modular 5-Channel Class-G Amplifier Features

• High efficient, cool operating, Class G power supply
• Slide out amplifier modules allowing the amplifier chassis to be configured for 1 to 10 channels
• Intelligent protection circuitry
• 12V trigger inputs for remote turn on
• FAA MCM Mono Amplifier Module
• 200 watts/ch @ 4,6, or 8 ohms
• J-Fet input stage
• Mosfet output stage
• SNR 119dBA
• Damping factor > 800 to 400Hz
• Slew Rate 50V/uS
FAA SCM 2-Channel Amplifier Module
• 100 watts x 2 @ 4,6, or 8 ohms
• Adjustable gain control


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