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CES Wrap Up and Closing Comments

by January 09, 2004
Filed under: Editorials

I'm happy to say that despite all of our laborious efforts in delivering comprehensive live coverage of CES 2004, we did manage to have squeeze in just a little fun and tour the sites of Las Vegas.

It was nice to see a mini representation of where some of us grew up during our brief visit to a New York State of Mind.


It seemed so lifelike at night, though we don't remember this rollercoaster last time we were in New York.


This is the closest some of us ever managed to get to the Eiffel Tower. Inside this hotel we found a neat Café that served the tastiest Crepes we have ever had.


During CES, while some audiophile were concerning themselves with chocolaty mid-ranges and layered sound textures their favorite exotic cables conveyed.  We decided instead to focus on chocolaty mid-fillings.  The dinner and desert crepes were the best thing we tasted the whole week in Vegas.


How would you like to have a fountain like THIS in your front yard?


This was probably the most stunning array of chandeliers I've ever seen in one place.

Despite the constant rushing around, battling crowds and traffic, CES 2004 was a memorable experience that we were proud to be a part of.   WE made excellent contacts with some of the top home theater manufacturers and finally we able to meet many of them face to face.  We have lined up very promising gear this year for review so stay tuned...

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