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THX Certified Home Theater Program

by September 09, 2004
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THX announced the launch of the THX Certified Home Theater program for custom home theater installations and new residential developments. We met with John Dahl who explained the certification process to us in detail. The THX Certified Home Theatre program provides designers and system integrators with audio and visual specifications for the design of dedicated home theatre rooms. For the first time, THX will afford homeowners the luxury of having a certified state-of-the-art THX home theatre environment, a level of excellence previously reserved for film industry professionals. The certification comes with a serialized plaque that can be hung on the wall, designating the theater as THX Certified.

By leveraging the company's more than 20 years of expertise in film post-production, commercial cinema and studio design, and consumer electronics, the THX Certified Home Theater program provides an optimized setting for experiencing films and other multi-media content in the home. The program will serve as an extension of the THX Certified consumer electronics and professional mixing studio programs.

"Home theater rooms with the THX Certified Home Theatre plaque on the wall will deliver an exceptional level of audio and video performance," said Joseph Lias, president of THX Ltd. "Because the THX brand represents superior quality, we are confident that the THX Certified Home Theater program will be embraced by the professional designer and integrator communities, as well as home theater enthusiasts."

The THX Certified Home Theater specifications will include strict guidelines for room layout and design, acoustics, lighting, background noise, and equipment positioning and installation. To roll out this new initiative, THX will be partnering with the nation's leading system integrators and custom designers, as well as its manufacturing partners in the consumer electronics industry.

The THX Ceritifed Home Theater program...

  • Applies to dedicated home theaters only
  • Is best suited for new construction (not a limiting factor, however)
  • is available only to THX qualified designer/installer companies
  • Requires the use of THX Certified or approved products
  • Requires design review and approval by the THX Design office
  • Requires measured proof of audio and video performance using THX specified measurement techniques
  • Does not specify theater size or visual appearance except if they adversely affect THX performance standards.

Qualified Designer/Installer Companies...

  • Are selected based on a completed application and interview
  • Have a solid portfolio of completed dedicated home theater projects
  • Havecertification from THX, CEDIA, HAA, ISF, AIA, NHIA and other relevant organizations
  • Show proof of legal and financial responsibility

THX Provides...

  • Marketing materials for builders and prospective clients
  • Extensive online and offline promotions and advertising
  • A THX Certified Home Theater wall plaque and demonstration material for the client
  • Designer referral and system design services

THX Standards


  • 16:9 > =36 degree horizontal viewing angle
  • native HD capable
  • Screen luminance > = 16ft lamberts
  • THX certified, acoustically transparent screen


  • Mid-band reverberant field pink noise < +/-4dBC between any two seating positions
  • No audible distortion playing program material at 115dBC
  • Background noise < =NC22
  • At least four surround speakers, two side and two back

User Interface

  • Remote controls with a logical user interface
  • All basic functions available with a single key stroke


  • Video performance measurements taken using Sencore CP5000 quality gear or better
  • Audio performance measurements taken using four microphone spatial/temporal RTA techniques with 1/12 octave resolution or better.

The new program is almost certainly guaranteed to be a success with all of the high-end home theaters being built around the country (and the world for that matter). This is an idea and concept that has been long in the making (and was highly requested in the past). It's great to see THX expand into the home theater market in this way and add a whole new dimension to their line of certifications.

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