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Sherbourn 2/75 Amplifier

by September 09, 2004
Filed under: Amplifiers

Sherbourn Technologies introduced a host of products in early 2003 that led to a record year in sales in all categories. A huge hit was their model 2/150 that led the way into a mini component, maximum performance series that features half width, 1U and 2U height products.

The newly introduced Model 2/75 extension amplifier addresses the needs of a legion of users who want all the performance of the 2/150 without the extensive switching capabilities.

"The 2/150 was a hit well beyond our expectations, however there is a market segmnet that wanted all of the power of the 2/150 without the complex switching circuitry. We have simplified the architecture and are confident that the 2/75 will continue the outstanding success of our component series," said Ron Fone, President of Sherbourn Technologies.

The 2/75 is a half width, 1U high discrete amplifier (11 lbs.) with a powerful toroidal transformer that outputs 2 x 50/75 watts into 8/4 ohms respectively. The 2/75 will automatically amplify an audio signal and pass it seamlessly to up to 2 sets of external speakers.

A unique feature is a CPU that measures an intended impedance to prevent an excessive load being imposed that might cause overheating. In addition, the 2/75 will incorporate the patented LDS speaker test circuit and an 18dB per octave sub-sonic filter that prevents low frequency saturation of transformer volume controls.

The suggested MSRP is $350. For more information, please visit www.sherbourn.com .