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Philips Ambilight LCD TVs

by September 09, 2004
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Philips showed off some really impressive LCD TVs with their new Ambilight technology. Ambilight technology is an advanced lighting system that provides emotive environment lighting and enhanced picture quality to create a viewing experience with less eye strain. Watching television in the dark will strain your eyes, so Philips new low level Ambilight should to soften the contrast as well as soften the focus for the eyes.

Ambilight technology was developed in partnership with Philips Research and Lighting divisions. Philips Research provided the technological insight and Lighting added the background requirements for lighting a home environment, as well as consumer insights.

Philips Ambilight LCD TV Ambilight technology is background lighting tht emanates from the back of the television onto the wall, but that isn't all. The user can adjust the light intensity and color to either red, green, blue or a combination thereof to fit the consumer's personal preference. In addition, consumers can select one of five preset lighting effects - one of which bases the lighting content on the screen content as represented by a percentage of red, green or blue active pixels (color intensity follows the on-screen content as well). When the television is in the off position, the lighting can be used to provide a unique ambience for the room.

Ambilight technology sensors determine how much light is in the room and controls the TV light output accordingly - a dark room will trigger less light whereas a bright room will cause more light output. We saw this in action, and while I can't speak from a physiological perspective, the technology is VERY cool.

Philips' new Matchline 32-, 37- and 42-inch diagonal LCD FlatTV line (32PF9996, 32PF9966, 37PF9996, 42PF9966 and 42PF9996) and 50-inch plasma FlatTV models (50PF9986 and 50PF9966) all feature the Ambilight technology. The sets are high definition television monitors that feature the new PixelPlus 2 technology with Digital Natural Motion, Invisible Flat NXT speakers, HDMI, and an innovative flat design.

Philips' PixelPlus 2 technology also builds upon the proven PixelPlus feature to create sharper, more detailed pictures. PixelPlus 2 improves the color reproduction and increases the resolution and picture depth up to 30 percent. This technology offers a combination of 16 digital image processing improvements, including Luminance Transient Improvement, Dynamic Contrast, Digital Natural Motion and advanced Color Dependent Sharpness and Correction.

PixelPlus 2 works with any input signal including terrestrial, cable and satellite SD broadcast signals, interlaced and progressive DVD, Digital TV signals (DVB/MHP) and HD transmissions. The entire PixelPlus 2 video chain has a 10-bit range and is fully digital, resulting in better picture quality primarily due to fewer A/D and D/A conversion steps.

The Matchline models include Invisible Flat NXT speakers with 'surface-sound' technology in the 32PF9996, 37PF9996, 42PF9996 and 50PF9986. The speakers have a flat membrane which Philips claims diffuses the sound field, improving the directionality and quality of the sound. The sets also include Virtual Dolby surround sound.

The 32-, 37- and 42-inch diagonal LCD FlatTV models will have an MSRP of $4,399, $7,999 and $9,999, respectively, and will be available in the second quarter of 2004. The 50-inch diagonal plasma FlatTV model will also be available in the second quarter of 2004 with an MSRP of $9,999.

Ambilight technology is available in the new Philips' 32-inch diagonal LCD FlatTV (32PF9966) and 42- and 50-inch diagonal plasma FlatTV models (42PF9966, 50PF9966). The HDTV monitors feature PixelPlus technology and new design with the speakers at the bottom of the set and side controls. The sets will have an MSRP of $3,999, $5,999 and $7,999, respectively, and will be available in the second quarter of 2004.

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