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Parasound Zselect Speaker Selector

by September 09, 2004
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Parasound has introduced a miniature loudspeaker selector box as part of its "half-width" Parasound Z series of accessory components. The new Zselect allows a single power amplifier to safely drive any of up to five pairs of loudspeakers while protecting the amplifier's output stage. The Zselect addresses many common speaker installation scenarios faced by custom audio systems designers and audio enthusiasts alike.

The Parasound Zselect has a switchable amplifier-protection circuit that should be activated when multiple pairs of speakers are engaged simultaneously. This switches multiple a non-inductive resistor load bank in series with the input, preventing the amplifier from 'seeing' a low-impedance load that could overload and burn out the power output transistors.

The primary design requirement for the Zselect was to maintain sonic "invisibility" within an audio system. To accomplish this, it uses precision bifurcated switches to provide redundant contacts for each connection. Speaker connections are simplified by the use of high quality gold-plated Phoenix-style terminals to maintain signal integrity and to allow easy hookup and trouble-shooting in tight quarters.

[ParasoundZselect] Part of the problem-solving Parasound Z series of matching mini-components, the Zselect features a chassis that is just 1 rack space tall and 9-1/2 inches wide - half the width of a conventional audio component. An optional Zblank adaptor can be used to mount Zselect alone in a 19-inch rack, while an SBS side-by-side adaptor allows it to be mounted two abreast with another Parasound Z component. The Zselect includes no-mar isolation feet for standalone use.


The Parasound Zselect is currently available at a suggested retail price of $130.

All of the Parasound Z components are designed to meet the needs of consumers and custom installers for multi-room/multi-zone installations, PC and desktop audio, and bedroom or den stereo systems. The Zphono MM/MC phono stage preamplifier, Ztuner FM/AM tuner, and Zamp v.3 stereo amplifier are all currently available. Additional products, including the audiophile-grade Zpre stereo preamplifier, are also forthcoming.

Parasound's products are available from quality audio/video retailers, and select custom installation specialists.

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