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Optoma H57 DLP Projector w/Dark Chip2

by September 09, 2004
Filed under: Projectors

Optoma Technology, Inc. unveiled the native 576P, 1024x576 (16:9) resolution H57 DLP projector at CEDIA 2004. The H57 combines DarkChip2 DLP technology with a four-speed, six-segment color wheel, and uses the advanced scaling capabilities of the Pixelworks 463 scaler. The result is native 576p resolution, rich dark levels and a (stated) contrast ratio of 2500:1 with a native 16:9 aspect ratio.

The H57 projector is compatible with every digital and analog source. It has Composite Video, S-Video, VGA, DVI-I HDCP, and up to three Component Video (480i/p, 720p, and 1080i) inputs can be connected simultaneously. An HDMI output device can be connected to H57 through a bundled HDMI to DVI adaptor. The Optoma H57 Home Theater Projector also employs Shield Design casing which prevents unwanted light emissions and, at the same time, enables near silent operation. The secret to this technology lies in the strategic use of baffles within the cooling tunnel to reduce air flow speed and achieve a whisper quiet, 28dB noise level. Furthermore, a patent pending pressure sensor design ensures its long term operational reliability even in high altitude regions in this country.

Some quick details:

  • 2500:1 (stated) contrast ratio
  • High definition (576P native) DarkChip2 DLP technology from Texas Instruments
  • Shield Design casing for reduced light leakage and whisper quiet, 28dB performance
  • Video processing for scaling and 2: pulldown and proprietary, independently adjustable color matrix
  • Convenient DVI-HDCP, Component, Composite, and S-Video inputs and VGA input
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