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Mitsubishi DLP Televisions

by September 09, 2004
Filed under: Displays

Mitsubishi showed off its lineup of new Microdisplay DLP Televisions. Featuring 1280x720 pixel DLP HD2 chips, these televisions feature AMVP2, PerfectColor, Dark Detailer, DefinEdge (VSM), 480-line motion-adaptive 3D Y/C comb filter, auto film mode (2:3 pull-down detection) and a removable diamond display shield. All incoming signals are automatically upconverted to 720p and there are 6 picture format modes (scaling options) for analogue 480i/480p and 4:3 input sources. In addition, two picture format modes are available for analogue 720p/1080i and digital 16:9 sources.

Several PIP/POP modes are offered including split screen and channel preview/input strobe. NetCommand returns in version 4.0, accompanied by a fully-illuminated remote control. All models feature an abundance of inputs including IEEE 1394, memory card slots, HDMI, Dolby Digital and component video inputs.

A CableCARD slot is included on the new Mitsubishi Microdisplays and offer digital scaling and display of cable signals without having to rely of mass-market sub-par scalers found in many cable company-supplied set-top boxes.

A quick breakdown of Mitsubishi's newest DLP Microdisplay TV models:

WD-52525: 52" DLP Television 
WD-52725: 52" DLP Television (adds anti-glare screen)
WD-52825: 52" DLP Television (adds 120GB HD PVR)

WD-62525: 62" DLP Television 
WD-62725: 62" DLP Television (adds anti-glare screen)
WD-62825: 62" DLP Television (adds 120GB HD PVR)

We'll should be reviewing some of Mitsubishi's new DLP televisions later this year as we head into our CES coverage season. We're excited by the specs and look forward to more and more companies bringing out their newest lines of high-performance display products.

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