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JBL Synthesis S5160 Amplifier

by September 09, 2004
Filed under: Amplifiers

JBL announced the introduction of its Synthesis S5160 5-Channel Power Amplifier, a high-end, THX Ultra 2-certified amplifier. The S5160 power amplifier delivers 160 watts into each of its five channels (into 8 ohms, < 0.03% THD, all channels driven). JBL notied that special attention is paid to minimizing the number of components in the audio-signal path in order to achieve extremely low distortion, exceptional transient response and wide dynamic range. The amplifier utilizes massive power transformers, audiophile-grade capacitors, and heavy-duty speaker connectors.

The S5160 has a variable-speed fan that automatically adjusts its speed according to thermal demands and also employs a sophisticated protection circuit that monitors each channel for possible fault conditions. Because the protection circuitry is optically coupled to the audio signal path, there is no direct connection between the signal path and the protection circuitry. The S5160 can drive even the most-demanding speaker loads down to 2 ohms. The S5160 features control connections that interface with the other components, such as an SDP-40 or SDP-5 Digital Surround Processor/System Controller, in a JBL Synthesis system, enabling fairly sophisticated automatic control capabilities. The amplifier can be used either freestanding or in standard 19-inch rackmount installations.

Pricing and availability for the JBL Synthesis S5160 5-Channel Power Amplifier are to be announced.

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