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Denon AVR-5805 Features

by September 09, 2004
Filed under: Receivers and Processors

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Front view of the AVR-5805 Back View of the AVR-5805

Gene, Jeff Talmadge, Tica, and Clint in front of an AVR-5805 integrated into the wall.

Denon AVR-5805 Receiver Features Chart Provided by Jeff Talmadge from Denon USA
*Preliminary - subject to change*

Denon AVR-5805 Feature/Specification

þ = Yes

· Expected Release Date

November 2004

· Suggested Retail Price (SRP)


· Equal Power Amplifiers - Left/Center/Right/Surround Right 'A'/Surround Right 'B'/Surround Left 'A'/ Surround Left 'B'/Surround Back Right/Surround Back Left/Zone 2 Mono


· Power Output; Watts Per Channel @ 8 Ohms, 20hz to 20kHz

170 Watts

· Worlds' First 10 channel Equal Power A/V Receiver, featuring Fully Configurable Amplifiers - Some Options:

· Dual 5.1 Discrete Zones (including DVD-A/SACD)

· 5.1 Main Zone with all channels Bi-Amplified

· 5.1 Main Zone, Zones 2 and 3 Stereo, Zone 4 Mono

· 6.1 Main Zone, Zones 2 and 3 Stereo

· 7.1 Main Zone, Zone 2 Stereo, Zone 3 Mono

· 7.1 Main Zone, Front L/C/R Bi-amplified

· 9.1 Main Zone, Zone 2 Mono


· All Channels Rated @ 0.05 T HD


· THX Ultra2 -Certified


· Low Impedance Drive Capability - 3.2 ohms as specified by THX Ultra2 certification


· High-Current/Discrete Amplifiers

· Independent Power Supplies


· T oroidal Power T ransformer

· Storage Capacitors for amplifier section


· Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit - D.D.S.C


· Dolby Digital, dts, THX and DSP Modes - Texas Instruments TMS320DA610

x3 for Main Zone

· Dolby Digital, dts and DSP Modes - Analog Devices HammerHead SHARC

x1 Second Zone

· DSP Bit Depth and T ype

32-bit Floating

· Dolby Pro Logic IIx - with Cinema, Music, Game Modes

· T HX Post-Processing - DPL (4.0), DPL2 Cinema, DD/D T S (5.1), ES Discrete (6.1), ES Matrix, Neo:6 Cinema


· T HX Ultra2 7.1 Cinema and Music Modes

· T HX Surround EX Decoding

· Dolby Digital (Surround) EX Decoding

· dts ES Discrete 6.1 Decoding

· dts ES Matrix 6.1 Decoding

· dts Neo:6 Stereo-to-Surround Cinema and Music Modes

· dts 96/24 5.1 for DVD-Video Processing

· Dolby Headphone

· HDCD Decoder

· MultEq XT by Audyssey Auto Setup Calibration - New, up to 6 position Multi-Point

· New Crossover Point Detection/Set per channel in Auto Setup

· MultEq XT by AudysseyAuto/Manual Room Equalization - New, up to 6 position Multi-Point

· New Advanced AL24 Processing - All Channels

· 24-bit/192-kHz DACs - Burr-Brown PCM-1792 - Differential mode configuration

2 per 16 Channels

· Analog-to-Digital Conversion - Bit Depth/Sampling Rate - Burr-Brown PCM-1804 x 8


· Variable High/Low Pass Crossover Points (12/24dB) 40/60/80/100/120/150/200/250

· True 24-bit/192-kHz Digital Input Capability

· DENON Link 3 rd (SACD Ready)

· IEEE-1394 Digital Audio Ports


· High Resolution Digital Multi-Channel Audio decoding from Denon Link (DVD-A only), IEEE-1394 (DVD-A and SACD), HDMI (DVD-A Only)

· Assignable Digital Inputs

· 8-Channel Parallel Digital Input Capability for un-compressed digital signals - For Professional Post-Production, Studio and Authoring facilities

· Digital Inputs: Coaxial


· Digital Inputs: Optical


· Digital Outputs: Optical


· Analog Audio Inputs, Incl. T uner


· Phono Input

· Analog Record Outputs


· Composite Video Inputs


· Composite Video Outputs


· S-Video Inputs


· S-Video Outputs


· Front Panel A/V Inputs - Composite and S-Video

with Optical

· Component Video Inputs x Bandwidth - Assignable

6x100 (1 BNC)

· Component Video Outputs - Parallel for Main , Second Zone Discrete Source Capable

2 (1 BNC) Main Zone

1 Second Zone

· Video Conversion -Composite to S-Video to Component and down (Interlace only)

Main and Second Zone

· TBC (Time Based Corrector) for Composite and S-Video Sources

· DVI/HDMI Video Inputs - HDMI features SiL9031 Multi-Channel Audio Receiver Chipset


· DVI/HDMI Video Outputs


· Permits DVI video signal input to HDMI video output and vice versa

· Faroudja DCDi Scaling (480p/720p/1080i) to Component Output - Main Zone Only

· Discrete Dual Surround Mode Speakers

· Icon-Based On-Screen Display - Independent/Discrete for Main and Second Zone

· Front Panel System Setup Control

· Personal Memory Plus

· System Setup/Surround Parameters Lockout

· 6-Ch. External Analog Input - Main or Second Zone

· 10-Ch. External Analog Input - Main Zone

· Audio Signal Delay (Sync. Audio with Video signal) - Independent Main and Second Zone, Adjustable to individual input sources

· Pure Direct/Direct/Stereo Modes on Digital/Analog inputs w/Pure Analog Path

· Multi-Channel Stereo Mode (No DSP or Delay effects)

5/6/7/8/9 Channel

· Video Game Mode

· Wide Screen 7.1 Mode

· Mono Movie Surround Mode

· Rock Arena Surround Mode

· Jazz Club Surround Mode

· Matrix Surround Mode

· Auto Surround Mode (Analog or Digital Input T ype)

· Active Center Channel In All Surround Modes

· High Grade Speaker T erminals, All Channels

· Cinema EQ

· 56 Station Auto-Preset Memory Tuning

· Radio Data Services (RDS) Compatible

· Tuner Station Labeling

· Volume Control Un-muting

· Selectable Muting Levels (Full/-40/-20)

· Video Select Control

· Input Labeling

· Audio Input Level Memory - User Defined

· Multi-Zone Volume Level Limiter - User Defined


· Power On Volume Level Memory - User Defined

· Digital input signals to Analog conversion for Multi-zone applications


· RS-232 Ports - 1 Rear for Controllers, 1 Front for PC Setup


· Ethernet Port - For control and/or upgrades


· Dedicated Front Panel Port for future DSP Upgrades


· IR Serial Remote In/Out terminals


· Assignable Remote T urn-on Triggers - 12Volt, 250mA


· Assignable AC Outlet Triggers


· Pre-Amp Outputs


· Subwoofer Pre-Amp Outputs


· Multi-Source/Multi-Zone

4 Source/4 Zone Audio

3 Source/3 Zone Video

· Multi-Zone Crossover (Fixed 80Hz), Tone and Balance Controls

· Multi-Zone Pre-Amp Outputs - Selectable Output Levels

· Discrete Second Zone Video Outputs

Composite, S-Video, Component

· Discrete Third Zone Video Outputs

Composite, S-Video

· Discrete Remote Power On/Off/ S ource Select/ V olume for Main and Zones 2/3/4

· Detachable Digital and Video Block Construction for future upgrades

· Microprocessor User Re-set

· Relay-Controlled Protection Circuits

· Detachable Power Cord

· Subwoofer Peak-Level Limiter


· Advanced Pre-programmed/Learning EL Remote with Backlighting and Punch T hrough Commands


· AC Line Amperage Requirement


· Weight: In Pounds

90 est.

· Dimensions (Inches) Width/Height/Depth

17.1"w x 12"h x 20.5"d

Whew! That's a lot to read, but in conjunction with our processor/receiver checklist it should serve to demonstrate that the Denon AVR-5805 is about the most feature-packed receiver available... Now if only the furniture companies would capitulate with our request for support of 13" tall shelves!

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