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Steinway-Lingdorf Model D Speakers CEDIA Video

Steinway-Lingdorf Model D Speakers

Steinway-Lingdorf Model D Speakers


  • Product Name: Model D Loudspeakers
  • Manufacturer: Steinway-Lingdorf
  • Review Date: November 14, 2012 22:20
  • MSRP: $150,000
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

When you're at events like CEDIA, lots of things catch your eye because of the sound... or because someone grabs your sleeve, or your ear... or your... something or other. And sometimes you see something that just makes you stop. Well that happened to me just outside of the Steinway Lingdorf room at the 2012 CEDIA Expo. We saw the red Model D speakers (aptly named after the piano). Full range dipoles, these $150,000/pair speakers just make you want to play them. Around the back you can see the speakers are a completely open baffle design. To me, even if these weren't' turned on I'd still want to stand near them and just sigh...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we'd challenge anyone to look at these speakers and not be impressed. The fact that they also sound good, of course, makes them even better.

 model D open baffle

Steinway-Lingdorf also showcased their new $500k LS line array speaker system. The sales rep boasted about how the noise floor on their electronics is unsurpassed in the industry. It was way too loud and sibilant for our ears so we had to walk out of the demo only moments after entering it. It had me wondering: If the noise floor was so low, why did they feel compelled to play the demo so loudly? Oh well.

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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