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Lafleur Audio X2 Speaker System

By Paul Appollonio
Lafleur Audio  X2 Speaker System

Lafleur Audio X2 Speaker System


  • Product Name: X2 Speaker System
  • Manufacturer: Lafleur Audio
  • Review Date: January 12, 2009 13:22
  • MSRP: $???
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

The Lafluer Audio X2 speaker employs two 5 inch ScanSpeak mid-bass drivers and a 1 inch soft dome ScanSpeak Tweeter. The cabinet is made of “wild Russian Cherry wood” and is “Shaped with exponential curves. This is to say it is sleak and beautiful, composed of a shape both pleasing to behold and naturally favorable to a smooth frequency response. The cabinet is layered in very strong but very dense plywood layers and is perhaps the most well braced cabinet I have ever seen. It is built like an aircraft, and is likely to outlast anyone who makes the purchase.

The front of the enclosure is covered with a leather having an underlying foam to improve the smoothness of response and lessen high frequency baffle reflections.

What is interesting and unusual about this design, is the top mid-bass driver is “seeing” a different signal than the lower midbass driver. While it appears to be a M-T-M array (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) or as some prefer to call it, a DiAppolito array, it is in fact not. By rolling off the highest frequencies to the lower driver, the source size is minimized in the crossover range, creating a wider soundstage and a wider off axis response characteristic of a monopole loudspeaker.

The sound of the LaFluer was quite nuetral.  For a speaker of its size it had adequate bass if not extraordinary.  Imaging was good, and smoothness was excellent. Suggested retail pricing not available.  Expected to deliver in May 2009.

Lafleuer refers to this as a 2.5 way speaker. Suggested retail pricing not available.

For more information, visit: http://www.lafleuraudio.ca/

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