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310-TSC Company Information



* Originally these speakers were priced at an MSRP of $527 and received a higher value rating. Canyon Audio later raised the price to $987 which we felt dropped the value rating on this set considerably.

UPDATE: Still later, Canyon Audio raised the price to $1,397 for the set - which we feel is an absolute joke and makes us wonder if we weren't used for pull quotes in an effort to rip off unsuspecting consumers.

Because of this we DO NOT recommend consumers buy these speakers or Theater Research speakers (same basic Chinese design).


Every once in a while we'll take in a set of speakers from a relatively unknown company in order to see what's available on the market and if some independent shops have some value products available for consumers. Canyon Audio is a manufacturer based in Nevada who works with some domestic designers to have custom modifications made to products which are then manufactured overseas to keep costs down. We received a 310-TSC 5.0 setup from Canyon Audio (a subwoofer is not yet available, but we understand one will be coming out towards the end of the year.) Just what can you get for $500 these days? We'll, we looked and your choices are pretty slim for full-sized systems at the large chain stores that funnel customers through the same cattle trough of manufacturers and products. As a result, when comparing Canyon Audio to some of the more well-known manufacturers in terms of looks and style, it's likely that people will compromise and just get a system in a box that sports a plastic enclosure or plain black cabinet. If you are forced into a space-saving design, then people could also come home with tiny black boxes that yield mediocre sound out of 2" paper cone drivers. All things considered, if you want nice-looking, inexpensive full-size speakers, your selections are pretty limited.


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