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Dual Subwoofer Placement for Two Subs


In this section I've provided a collection of sub woofer dispositions you may find helpful in figuring sub placement. The collection features some traditional locations as well as those research has shown to be of value and therefore worth considering.

The graphs included with each plan view of the hypothetical listening space are first-order approximations of the sub's perceived amplitude response at the listening position as well as room-mode response at a given frequency (30 Hz, in each case, as indicated by the down arrow in all "b" graphics).

Being first-order approximations of room mode behavior, they do not include the effects of many other acoustical variables present. As such, they serve to give only a general picture of the relative merits of the various dispositions.

I. Subwoofers Placed in Same Corner


Figure 26a


Figure 26b


Figure 26c

II. Subwoofers Placed Diagonally


Figure 27 a


Figure 27b


Figure 27c


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