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SVS 2000 Pro Subwoofer & SoundPath Accessories Giveaway $1207 Value

by June 01, 2022
SVS 2000 Pro Subwoofer Giveaway!

SVS 2000 Pro Subwoofer Giveaway!

The Audioholics / Audio Advice Giveaway is back! This time around our partners at Audio Advice are giving you freedom of choice with a prize that asks the question; do you prefer a ported or sealed subwoofer? Whatever your answer, Audio Advice will throw-in two SoundPath subwoofer accessories. Our winner choose between two award winning SVS Pro 2000 subwoofers with accessories to make your sub go boom!

Are you Sealed or Ported Subwoofer Fan?

Choose between: SVS SB2000 Pro Subwoofer ($999 value) -OR- SVS PB2000 Pro Subwoofer ($1099 value). Winner will also receive: SVS SoundPath RCA Audio Interconnect (up to 15-meters) and a four-pack of SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System. Help a winner out... Go to our Forum's SVS 2000 Pro Contest post and give us your reasons why you're team ported or sealed.

Easy Entry

Audioholics/Audio Advice contests are always FREE, nothing to buy and you never pay shipping for the prize! Only your email address and name are required for initial registration. By registering to our sweepstakes-style contest you agree to receive free informative newsletters from Audioholics and Audio Advice for timely news, reviews, how-tos, great deals and discounts on audio/video. Optionally, you can improve your chance to win by engaging with Audioholics online then earn even MORE entries to further improve chances to win by sharing this contest with friends. Entries are made easy in the sign-up form widget (below).

Contest open to the lower 48 states of continental USA only.

Winner Selection

Contest registration closes Thursday, June 30th midnight, Eastern Time. Once entry form is closed ONE lucky winner will be randomly selected by a third-party party app. The winner will then be contacted via email within the week, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam filters. See the Audioholics Contest Rules Terms and Regulations in the Contest Forum for details.

NOTE: Audioholics Contests are always FREE! From registration to shipping the prize, nobody from Audioholics will attempt to contact any registrant until after registration has closed (June 30th) at no time will you be required to pay for shipping or any fees regarding this contest. So, watch your spam filters in case we attempt to contact YOU!

Overview of the Prize!

SVS SB2000 Pro Powered Subwoofer ($999 value)

“Jaw-dropping deep bass extension and massive output with stunning musicality that will delight both audiophiles and home theater fans.” - Audio Advice

Dimensions (w/ grille): 14.6” (372mm) H X 14.2” (360mm) W X 15.6” (395mm) D

SVS PB2000 Pro Powered Subwoofer ($1099 value)

“Breathtaking output and subterranean low frequency extension down to 16-Hz with pinpoint accuracy and control. Optimized with dual port cabinet design for effortless bass with vanishingly low distortion.” - Audio Advice

Dimensions (w/ grille): 20.9” (532mm) H X 17.3” (440mm) W X 23.6” (600mm) D

Both SVS 2000 Pro Subs Feature:

  • 12-inch Front-firing high-excursion SVS driver

  • 550 Watts RMS, 1,500+ Watts peak power
  • Sledge amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output
  • SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app
SVS SB 2000 Pro SubwooferSVS PB 2000 Pro Subwoofer

Winner selects SVS SB2000 Pro (sealed) or SVS PB2000 Pro (ported). Tell us which you would choose in the Contest Forum post!


The Pot Sweetened with SoundPath:

SVS SoundPath RCA Audio Interconnect (up-to $59 value)

Pure copper conductors with 24K gold plated brass connectors and five-layer dielectric insulation system maintain pristine signal between subwoofers and audio components so your system always sounds its best. - Audio Advice

SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System, 4-pack ($49 value)

“The SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System works with nearly every subwoofer brand and model to improve bass performance while reducing floor and wall vibrations, noise artifacts and complaints from neighbors or roommates. De-coupling a subwoofer from the floor results in inherently tighter and cleaner sounding bass. It’s also the next best thing to sound-proofing and ideal for carpeted rooms, hardwood floors or any space where room rattles, buzzes or vibrations are present.” - Audio Advice

SoundPath Sub Isolation SystemSoundPath RCA Connector

                      SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System and a SoundPath gold-plated brass and copper interconnect

Sealed vs. Ported Sub; Which Should You Choose?

Gene moderates the eternal subwoofer debate with advocates for both sides.

Sealed Vs Ported: Experts go head-to-head

Please Read Before Entering: Contest Rules, Terms and Regulations

Entry must be received BEFORE 06/30/22 at 11:59 PM EDT

PLEASE NOTE: By registering for the contest, you agree to receive both the Audioholics and Audio Advice email newsletters. Contest open to Continental US ONLY.

To enter the Giveaway, simply:

1. Register with name/email to receive the Audioholics and Audio Advice email newsletters. Earn additional entry points with engagement and recommendations in the contest widget.

2. Respond using that same address if you are contacted as the winner.

Note: You will ONLY be contacted from an authentic Audioholics email address AFTER the contest ends, you may also be contacted for verification as an Audioholics Contest entrant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prize sent through July 2022.

CONTEST RULES OVERVIEW: Please go our Contest Rules sticky-post in the Audioholics Forum for the complete rules. To enter, simply provide email address and follow confirmation to sign up for the Audioholics and Audio Advice newsletters. Read the complete Contest Rules, Terms and Regulations before entering. One new subscriber who joins between now to 06/30/22 will be chosen at random as the system winner. Only one entry will win. The system will know if you already entered and will prevent you from multiple entries. *

Don’t wait, the entry period ends June 30, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT! Contest open for Continental US only.

Subwoofer Talk and Giveaway with SVS & Audio Advice YouTube Livestream

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Recent Forum Posts:

Wayde Robson posts on July 22, 2022 14:05
Our Second Prize Winner, Corey!
Having implemented his new wireless speaker setup, Corey says:

“They sound excellent! Very nice audio and build quality. I'm using them as my computer speakers connected by optical cable. I like having the option to stream music directly so that I don't have to turn on the computer to use them. Switching from passive speakers to active really cleans up my desk area. I subscribe to Qobuz and have a large library of my own FLACs to enjoy with them.
Thank you again, Audioholics rocks!”

Danzilla31 posts on July 17, 2022 16:03
Wayde Robson, post: 1564935, member: 15138
SVS Pro 2000 Subwoofer Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Our main prize winner is Nathan (or just Nate) from California who has elected to take the sealed version with the SVS SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer. Nate also gets the SoundPath Isolation System and the SoundPath RCA Interconnect for his new Sub.

Congrats Nate, we hope you enjoy all the new bass for your favorite listening space.

Congratulations Nate! We're all crying cuz of you… er.. umm I mean cheering for you!
Wayde Robson posts on July 15, 2022 14:11
SVS Pro 2000 Subwoofer Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Our main prize winner is Nathan (or just Nate) from California who has elected to take the sealed version with the SVS SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer. Nate also gets the SoundPath Isolation System and the SoundPath RCA Interconnect for his new Sub.

Congrats Nate, we hope you enjoy all the new bass for your favorite listening space.

Wayde Robson posts on July 15, 2022 14:04
Secondary Prize Winner Announcement!

Corey from South Carolina has officially WON a pair of SVS Prime Wireless Powered Loudspeakers.

Announced during the SVS Sub-Talk LiveStream with Gene, SVS generously added a second prize to further sweeten this Audioholics Contest. This was randomly drawn from the SVS Subwoofer contest and awarded separately. All-in with choice of sub, peripherals and these wireless speakers, this may have been the most giveaways in one Audioholics Contest.

Corey is receiving:

Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System
200 watts total amplification for stunning output from compact cabinet.


From SVS:

"192kHz/24-Bit DAC For Pristine Sound Quality from All Sources

Maintains complete faithfulness to the source material so music and all audio content sounds precisely as the artist or producer intended whether a user is streaming from Spotify, watching a Blu-Ray, listening to a podcast or anything else."


"Commanding Class-D amplifier delivers 50-watts to each driver for effortless power and room-energizing dynamic impact with revealing clarity, even at reference volume."

Congrats, Corey! May you get many years of faithful service from your new equipment.

More info and an image to come when Corey finally gets a chance to test these out.

William Lemmerhirt posts on July 12, 2022 02:11
Don’t worry. It won’t be any forum regular. Just some rando…
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