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Paradigm Sig Sub 2

by October 31, 2006
  • Product Name: Signature Sub 2 Subwoofer
  • Manufacturer: Paradigm
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStar
  • Review Date: October 31, 2006 08:25
  • MSRP: $ 8999
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Six 10” long throw woofers in a radial arrangement

Hexagonal sealed enclosure

Non-removable grilles

Amplifier: 4,500 watts rms, 9000 watts dynamic power (When connected to a 240v AC main)

Paradigm PBK interface

Frequency Extension: 7Hz DIN (Indicates -3dB in a typical listening room)

Finishes: Black ash, Cherry, Piano Black

Dimensions (H/W/D): 24.5” x 23.75” x 22.375” (23.75” Hexagonal cabinet diameter)

Weight: 230 lbs. (310 lbs shipped)

Warranty: 3 years bumper to bumper

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in North America

Driver features

Mineral filled co-polymer polypropylene cone with RCR (Resonance Control Ribbing)

25.2lb FEA optimized triple stacked ferrite magnet structure

3” diameter 10 layer aluminum voice coil

AVS (Airflow Ventilation System) die-cast aluminum frame

Dual large diameter Nomex cloth spiders

Oversized pole piece with integrated aluminum heat sink

Through pole voice coil leads

Amplifier Features

Efficient Ultra-Class-D technology

PFC (Power Factor Correction)

Extreme output capabilities 4,500w rms, 9,000w dynamic power

Universal Input Power (Connects to any line voltage 108-265v)

Internal DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

Solid 5/8” thick machined aluminum plate for strength and heat sinking

Adjustable input gain

35-150Hz variable low pass crossover with bypass

Phase: Adjustable from 0-180 degrees

Auto on/off

Detachable AC cord set


Unbalanced (RCA) inputs

Balanced XLR input

1/8” 12V trigger

PBK interface port (USB)


  • Neutral sound
  • Loads of headroom
  • Subterranean deep bass extension
  • Impeccable finish
  • Dummy proof
  • Top shelf design and parts quality
  • Easy to integrate


  • Expensive
  • Very heavy


Usually whenever a company tasks their development team with creating a new product whether it might be a powered subwoofer, amplifier or speaker, there are some goals or restrictions outlined during the planning stage. Perhaps a certain price point, form factor, or feature set, or there may be certain performance goals that need to be met. Often the goals set forth may be a combination of some or all of the aforementioned. If the final product is in many ways a reflection of its design goals, in the case of Paradigm’s Signature Sub 2 it appears that the design team was given directive to “push the envelope”. What emerged is a beastly subwoofer with an unusual hexagon shaped enclosure which bristles with no less than six overbuilt Paradigm designed 10” drivers sporting a collective 150lbs of motor arranged in a force cancelling array, an amplifier in need of a 240v line to produce its maximum continuous output of 4.5 kilowatts and an MSRP of a cool $8,999. Unsurprisingly, neither output headroom nor deep bass extension is in short supply here and achieving Audioholic’s Extreme room size rating was no problem for Paradigm’s top bass maker. However impressive the substantial output capabilities of the Signature Sub 2 are even more impressive were its top quality finishing, attention grabbing appearance, surprisingly compact size and squeaky clean sonic performance with its contribution always remaining implacably neutral regardless of material or output level demands. Paradigm’s Signature Sub 2 provided a powerful, dynamic and engaging low end presence with reference quality and quantity, proving itself to be a truly statement level product.

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