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Get YOUR NAME on the front page of Audioholics! Seen a concert or stumbled upon a relevant AV or technology news item? Tell us about it! Fill in the info below to submit your news! Be sure to read our submission guidelines below. Persons who submit enough good content may be approached for a more regular position in the Audioholics family.

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All submissions should be:

  1. Complete and Original – created from the experiences of the author with due credit given to any/all collaborators, OR properly sourced – if the news is from a different source, or if portions are from a source, that source should be properly identified and given credit. You may NOT copy and paste large blocks of text from another site as a news item.
  2. Free of typographical and grammatical errors.
  3. Free of HTML except for URLs/links, which should be written out fully (ie. https://www.audioholics.com).
  4. Submissions can be of any length but generally should be between 350 and 1000 words. Shorter submissions will not be considered but longer ones may if the subject matter is compelling enough.
  5. Well thought out and researched.

All submissions become the property of Audioholics. Submission grants Audioholics.com the right to utilize, reprint and republish this content in any form or medium. If you don't want us to own and use this text, please don't submit it!