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Pyle BlueReach PBTR70 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Adapter

Pyle BlueReach PBTR70 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Adapter

Pyle BlueReach PBTR70 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Adapter


  • Product Name: BlueReach PBTR70 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Adapter
  • Manufacturer: Pyle
  • Review Date: May 02, 2013 01:15
  • MSRP: $66.99
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!
  • Easily add Bluetooth wireless streaming to your speakers, stereo system or docking station
  • Works with and enables Bluetooth for devices like iPads, iPods, iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, PCs, Video game consoles, Bluetooth Cell Phones & much more
  • Extends the range from which you can play music via Bluetooth connection
  • 3.5mm/ 1/8'' Female Aux line input allows for Direct Audio input into an Apple Only 30 Pin Docking Source
  • 3 Level LED illumination to confirm visual Bluetooth Interface (Red/Blue/Flashing Blue)
  • Control your music wirelessly throughout your home
  • Transmission distance: not less than 10 meters (33 feet)
  • Unit Dimensions: 2.15''H x 2.15''W x 0.45''D

I don't have "Aha!" moments very often, but Pyle's PBTR70 Bluetooth wireless-based music interface did it. Lots of Apple-centric products have come out which feature the company's 30-pin connector (which works on everything prior to the iPhone 5). But not everything makes use of Apple's AirPlay or even Bluetooth audio streaming for that matter. So your iPhone needs to be tethered to the speaker in order to enjoy audio from your portable device. The new Pyle Bluetooth wireless-based music interface does away with that. Now, using this small device, you can untether yourself from the shackles of that connector and stream Bluetooth audio to your heart's content. 

The BlueReach is a small, square adapter that connects directly into a 30-pin standard speaker dock, converting into a wireless Bluetooth audio device. It makes the speaker not only compatible with iPhone 4/4S and earlier models, but also the new iPhone 5 or any other Bluetooth compatible device. That means you don't have to upgrade your favorite clock radio or desktop radio because you just got a new Apple iPhone. 

The fact that a little dongle can instantly transform any Apple speaker into a universal streaming audio device is a head-slapper (as in "Why didn't I think of that!"). The BlueReach should be compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, phone or MP3 player and the best part is that it retails for $66.99. Look for that price to drop a bit as distribution expands and the novelty wears off a bit.

Pyle BlueReach Bluetooth Adapter

Like most Bluetooth devices, the BlueReach can stream audio from up to 33 feet away provided there are no walls in between you and the speaker, the barometric pressure is nominal and Mars and Jupiter are perfectly aligned...sorry, I just haven't experienced great Bluetooth reception in my experiences. The BlueReach uses the newer Bluetooth technology, which means you can still check email, text and use the Internet while you stream audio. 

We really like the drop and forget aspect of this product. There is even a 3.5mm plug on the BlueReach, so you can interface non-streaming products into your desktop speaker if needed. The device has three levels of LED illumination, so you get some feedback when connecting devices and making adjustments. If you ever wanted to use your speaker doc with non-Apple products, this is a great solution. 

Pyle’s BlueReach Adapter Features Include:

  • Easily connect the adapter to change a common 30-pin docking station into a wireless Bluetooth audio device and control the system from your portable device
  • 33-foot wireless range to play your favorite songs on your device through a Bluetooth connection
  • Supports Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, such as iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Bluetooth PC, PSP and many more
  • Complies with Bluetooth 2.0, Plug and Play. Support A2DP V1.2, compatible with all devices enabled with A2DP stereo Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm input allows for direct audio input into an Apple only 30-pin docking source
  • 3 Level LED illumination to confirm visual Bluetooth Interface (Red/Blue/Flashing Blue)
  • Dimensions: 2.15''H x 2.15''W x 0.45''D

The BlueReach Adapter is currently available for $66.99.

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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